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Winning the Chain Restaurant Game: Eight Key Strategies

Winning the Chain Restaurant Game: Eight Key Strategies

Charles Bernstein , Ron Paul

ISBN: 978-0-471-30545-3

Oct 1994

285 pages

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Winning the Chain Restaurant Game

Are you ready for success?...

Find out what it takes in this insider's guide to making it in today's most exciting growth industry.

In this instructive and inspiring book, award-winning authors and foodservice industry experts Charles Bernstein and Ron Paul tell how the most successful restaurant companies win with bottom-up management, putting the customer on top. Based on interviews with more than a hundred industry executives and packed with enlightening examples as well as a few historic failures, this unique book teaches important lessons for restaurateurs and other entrepreneurs:

  • Presents the first authoritative, in-depth look at the restaurant chain industry as a whole
  • Tells how successful chain CEOs produce results with varied winning styles
  • Isolates and clearly describes the eight crucial factors, or strategic "links," vital to restaurant chain success
  • Tells how chains can capitalize on bulk purchasing, brand identity, consistent execution, an individual sense of style and—most of all—finding unique ways to please the customer

Few success stories so thoroughly embody the twentieth-century American dream as those of restaurant chains such as McDonald's, KFC, Pizza Hut, Wendy's, Little Caesar's, and Taco Bell. But besides the "true grit" demonstrated by entrepreneurial heros like McDonald's Ray Kroc and Wendy's Dave Thomas, what does it take to build and maintain a successful restaurant or retail chain? Find out in this first book to give a broad, long-term perspective on one of the nation's leading growth industries and to offer crucial lessons for all entrepreneurs, no matter what the business.

Winning the Chain Restaurant Game, by award-winning authors and noted foodservice industry experts Charles Bernstein and Ron Paul, documents the critical success factors required for one of the toughest, most competitive industries.

Highlighting the winning styles of more than a hundred chain executives, their triumphs, trials, disappointments, and turnarounds, this fascinating and instructive book identifies the eight strategic "links" that lead to victory in the chain restaurant business. With surgical precision, Bernstein and Paul explore such key factors as leadership, motivation, bulk purchasing, marketing, identity, consistency, and expansion. But they place focus ahead of everything and conclude that the entrepreneurial passion of an executive who deeply believes in his concept is the ultimate catalyst for success.

Small- to medium-size chains are going public at a dizzying pace and there are enormous financial opportunities for savvy restaurant owners. Winning the Chain Restaurant Game arms operators with the vital know-how needed to win the game.

Preface ix

Acknowledgements xi

Introduction xiii

Link One: The Leadership Touch 1

Link Two: Motivating to Win 37

Link Three: The Customer is King or Queen 61

Link Four: Keep Your Eye on the Ball 85

Link Five: Marketing and Merchandising Versatility 111

Link Six: The Economic-Focus Dilemma 145

Link Seven: Leveraging to Win 175

Link Eight: The Life Cycle 203

Leader of the Pack: The big Mac 235

The Thin Line: Success Versus Failure 257

Conclusion: Forging the Links 265

Index 269