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Winning with Customers: A Playbook for B2B



Winning with Customers: A Playbook for B2B



Do Your Customers Make More Money Doing Business With You?

Knowing the answer can help you build measurable and valuable customer relationships, outperform the competition, and unlock profitable growth.

Companies are blind to opportunities for profitable customer relationships without a deep understanding of how they create customer value relative to competitors. With a rigorous and measurable understanding of how customers make more money today and in the future with you, combined with supporting plans and tools to align the entire organization for success, a company can win and win big. Winning with Customers offers a step-by-step playbook to help companies develop this capability for themselves, act on it, build a culture around it and sustain it over time. The playbook includes case studies, interviews, and tools from leading B2B companies who have demonstrated success. Written by recognized business thought leaders and practitioners, this book will guide you to profitable growth. The book also serves as a launch point into a community of like-minded executives that includes a companion website which offers exercises, access to thought leaders, and other tools help you win with customers.

Foreword by Karel Czanderna xv

Preface xvii

Acknowledgments xxiii

Introduction by Glenn Dalhart xxvii

Chapter 1 Why We Lose 1

Six Reasons Why We Lose 2

Is This Book for You? 11

Why This Book Is Important 15

What Will You Learn? 15

Is Now the Time? 17

Summary 20

Chapter 2 Define Winning 23

The Big 6 26

Where Does This Book Fit in the World of Profit Growth Solutions? 36

Building the Foundation: Does Your Customer Make More Money by Doing Business with You Relative to Your Competitors? 39

Revenue, Cost, and Profits 49

Summary 49

Chapter 3 The Playbook 51

Defining the Playbook 52

Play 1: Discover 54

Play 2: Analyze 61

Play 3: Execute 66

Play 4: Measure 76

Play 5: Certify 83

Play 6: CVC Management System 90

Key Philosophies 93

The Role of Technology 95

The Maturity Model 95

Summary 99

Chapter 4 Winning Metrics 119

The History of Our Metrics 121

Developing the Metrics 124

The Winning with Customer Metric 128

Exploring Differential Value Attributes 130

Exploring the DVP% 134

Using DVP% on an Aggregated Business Level 140

Summary 144

Chapter 5 What Does Your Customer Think? 153

Get on the Field 154

The Discover Play 155

Do My Customers Care . . . Will They Talk? 161

The Discover Process: Prepare 163

Let’s Prepare 167

Who Should You Interview? 176

Who Conducts the Interview? 179

The Discover Process: Conduct the Interview 180

The Discover Process: Capture Data 201

The Discover Process: Customer Follow-Up 202

The Discover Process: Quick Wins 203

You Will Go Broke Doing What the Customer Says 204

Summary 206

Chapter 6 Informing Decisions 209

What Is Analyze? 211

What You Get 212

Generating Actionable Insights 215

Interpret One Interview 217

Assemble the Data 223

Determining Scope 230

Identify and Assign Analysts 232

Understanding Your Current Differential Value Proposition 234

Turning Customer Needs into Potential Projects 251

What Are the Top 10 Investments to Make? 254

How Can Customers Be Segmented According to Their Needs? 259

Turning Initiatives into Investment Decisions 260

Setting Value Creation Goals 262

Estimating Investment Required 263

Setting Value Capture Goals 264

Initiatives to Investment Portfolio 268

Insights to Decisions 269

Connecting Insights to Process Organizations 270

Encourage Ad Hoc Analysis 271

Empower Resources to Become Analysts 272

Benefits of Technology 272

Summary 276

Chapter 7 Executing Value Creation and Value Capture 279

What Is Execute? 280

A Quick Recap and Chapter Setup 281

Building a Plan for Your Customer 286

Plan Value Capture 297

Gain Customer Alignment 304

Providing a Technology Assist 306

The Vault 307

Summary 308

Chapter 8 The Scoreboard 311

Finding Our Place on the Field 313

The Process 314

Collecting the Scorecard Data 315

Building the Basic Scoreboard 318

Advanced Scoreboard Topics 324

Measuring CVC Activity for the Scoreboard 331

Continuous Improvement 333

How Technology Helps 335

Summary 336

Chapter 9 Getting Started 339

Kickoff 340

Fielding a Team 353

Enrolling the Team: It Is How You Do Business 360

Without the Customer There Is No Team 362

Start Small and Grow 364

The First Project 367

Summary 375

Chapter 10 Sustaining and Scaling: The Maturity Model 377

The Hurdles We Faced 378

Sticking to It: Maturity Model 379

Sustaining and Scaling 389

Summary 398

Afterword 401

In the Beginning 401

A Few Highlights 404

Get into Action 410

About the Authors 411

About the Contributors 415

Index 419