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Wire Jewelry VISUAL Quick Tips

Wire Jewelry VISUAL Quick Tips

Chris Franchetti Michaels

ISBN: 978-1-118-15320-8

Jul 2011

224 pages



Expert tips and tricks for making beautiful wire jewelry are at your fingertips–anywhere you go. Wire Jewelry VISUAL Quick Tips has the answers you need. With detailed color photos and concise instructions, it shows you how to use wirework tools and supplies to make attractive necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings using the hottest techniques: making jump rings, head pins, and eye pins; creating and connecting drops and links; making clasps and ear wires; twisting wire; wrapping within a framework; creating wire chains; using a wire jig; and more.

1 Jewelry Making Wire 2

Types of Jewelry Wire 4

Jewelry Wire Metals 5

Wire Shape 10

Wire Gauge 11

Wire Temper 12

Wire Finishes and Treatments 13

Wire Care 14

2 Wirework Tools 16

Pliers 18

Wire Cutters 22

Hammers 24

Bench Blocks and Bench Pins 26

Mandrels 27

Wire Jigs 28

Wire-Twisting Tools 29

Jeweler’s Saw 30

Needle Files 32

Measuring Tools 33

3 Safety, Storage, and Organization 34

Safety Equipment 36

Ergonomics and Comfort 37

Wire Storage 38

Tool Storage 39

4 Basic Wirework 40

Make and Use Jump Rings 42

Hammer Jump Rings 49

Make Head Pins 50

Make Eye Pins 55

Create Wire-and-Bead Drops 59

Create Wire-and-Bead Links 66

Connect Wire-and-Bead Links 70

Make Basic Wire Clasps 74

Make Ear Wires 84

5 More Advanced Techniques 88

Make a Wrapped Briolette Drop 90

Twist Wire 97

Use Coiled Wraps 103

Wrap Beads within a Wire Frame 110

Wrap Beads onto a Wire Frame 123

Make a Wire Finger Ring 125

Weave with the Herringbone Wrap 132

More Advanced Wire Clasps 139

6 Wire Chains 148

Make a Double Jump Ring Chain 150

Make a Double Wrapped Loop Chain 152

Make an “S” Hook Chain 153

Construct a Double Spiral Chain 154

Weave the Byzantine Chain 158

7 Using a Wire Jig 162

Basic Technique 164

Make Connectors Using a Jig 166

Form Ear Wires Using a Jig 184

Wire Jig Patterns 190

Appendix: References and Resources 194

American Wire Gauge Chart 196

Coils-per-Inch Reference Charts 198

Byzantine Jump Ring Size Chart 200

Millimeter and Inch Conversions 201

Oxidization Methods 202

Polishing Techniques 204

Resources 205

Index 208