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Women's Status in Higher Education: Equity Matters: AEHE, Volume 37, Number 1

Women's Status in Higher Education: Equity Matters: AEHE, Volume 37, Number 1

Elizabeth J. Allan

ISBN: 978-1-118-07334-6

Apr 2011

152 pages

Select type: Paperback

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An up-to-date review of gender equity in American universities with proven strategies for researchers and practitioners

This book provides an in-depth review of the current state of gender equality in higher education in the U.S. Award-winning author and educator Dr. Elizabeth Allan draws upon a range of feminist theories to provide a conceptual framework for addressing the subject. She presents a wealth of statistics, theories, programs, policies, and practices impacting the status of women in higher education. And she outlines proven strategies for researchers and practitioners concerned with gender equity in American colleges and universities.

Executive Summary vii

Foreword xi

Acknowledgments xv

Women’s Status in Higher Education: Background and Significance 1

Guiding Assumptions and Questions 3

Historical Context 4

Legislative and Policy Initiatives 7

Women in the Curriculum 8

Scholarship 9

Organization of this Monograph 12

Framing Women’s Status Through Multiple Lenses 15

Why Theory? 16

Why Feminist Theory? 17

Multiple Frames 19

Summary 31

Examining Women’s Status: Access and Representation as Key Equity Indicators 37

Women’s Access to Postsecondary Education 38

Representation of Women Students in Higher Education 42

Cocurricular Representation 47

Graduate Students 50

Faculty 52

Women Staff in Higher Education 55

Women and Governing Boards 61

Summary 62

Examining Women’s Status: Campus Climate and Gender Equity 65

Classroom Climate 67

Climate Beyond the Classroom 70

Climate for Women Staff, Faculty, and Administrators 75

Salary Equity 88

Summary 90

Advancing Women’s Status: Analyzing Predominant Change Strategies 93

Organizing Schemes 94

Enhancing Gender Equity 98

Summary 117

Implications and Recommendations 119

Recommendations for Further Research 119

Implications 121

Recommendations for Practice 124

Summing Up 125

References 127

Name Index 149

Subject Index 155

About the Author 163

""This important volume contains a wealth of the latest statistics, theories, programs, policies, and practices regarding the status of women throughout the field of higher education. Further, the call to limit the use of liberal feminism and expand knowledge and use of various feminist theories provides tangible strategies for researchers and practitioners as we work on equity for women in higher education-a status not yet attained.""



The Review of Higher Education,
Spring 2013