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Wood Furniture: Finishing, Refinishing, Repairing, 3rd Edition

Wood Furniture: Finishing, Refinishing, Repairing, 3rd Edition

James E. Brumbaugh

ISBN: 978-0-025-17871-7

Aug 1992

424 pages

Select type: Hardcover

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The primary emphasis of this book is on the application of various types of finishes to wood furniture. It also contains chapters on furniture repair and the preparation of wood surfaces. New to this edition are a glossary of terms; rewritten and updated information on antiquing, stencilling, and other craft-type finishes; references to specific brand names and products and the companies that produce them; emphasis on safety precautions when using finishes; and extensive rewritten and updated information on all types of stains.


1. Introduction to Wood Finishing.

2. Finishing Tools and Supplies.

3. Types of Wood.

4. Introduction to Finish Technology.

5. Veneering.

6. Inlaying.

7. Repairing and Restoring.

8. Stripping Finishes.

9. Wood Preparation.

10. Staining.

11. Shellac Finishes.

12. Varnish Finishes.

13. Lacquer Finishes.

14. Paint and Enamel Finishes.

15. Oil and Wax Finishes.

16. Rubbing, Waxing, and Polishing Finishes.

17. Antiquing (Glazing) and Related Techniques.

18. Gilding and Bronzing.

19. Decorating Furniture.

20. Safety: Fire, Health, and the Environment.