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Woodrow Wilson: Revolution, War, and Peace



Woodrow Wilson: Revolution, War, and Peace

Arthur S. Link

ISBN: 978-0-882-95798-2 January 1979 Wiley-Blackwell 152 Pages


Professor Arthur S. Link, Director and Editor of The Papers of Woodrow Wilson, brings his considerable expertise and understanding of Wilson the man and the diplomat to this reexamination of Wilson's handling of foreign affairs. Link explores the ideas, assumptions, and ambitions that guided Wilson's methods of forming policy, and his diplomatic techniques. The author also goes on to consider some of the larger questions concerning Wilson's desire for neutrality, American entry into World War I, and Wilson's fight for American membership in the League of Nations.

Preface vii

1 Wilson the Diplomatist 1

2 Wilson and the Problems of Neutrality, 1914-1917 21

3 Wilson and the Decisions for War 47

4 Wilson and the Liberal Peace Program 72

5 Wilson and the Fight for the League of Nations 104

Bibliographical Essay 129

Index 133