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Woodworking For Dummies

Woodworking For Dummies

Jeff Strong

ISBN: 978-0-764-53977-0 October 2003 392 Pages


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You've seen a few shows on TV, and working with wood looks like it could be quite entertaining and rewarding. After all, you get to create something that you can proudly display to your friends and family. But where and how do you begin to move from expressed interest to hands-on experience?

Woodworking For Dummies shows you how your raw building materials stack up, with everything you wood need to know about hardwood, softwood, plywood, veneer wood, plain-sawn wood, rift-cut wood, quarter-sawn wood, solid wood, man-made wood, and more. This down-to-earth guide gives you the goods on how boards are made from trees and the characteristics of hardwood and softwood species, plus all the buzz on

  • Gearing up with the right tools
  • Putting safety first in your workshop
  • Using adhesives and glue
  • Working with wood joints
  • Smoothing it out by sanding and filling
  • Adding color with stains and paints
  • Protecting your work with topcoats

Whether you want to put together a simple plywood bookcase or an incredible solid oak dining table, Woodworking For Dummies can help you get organized as you craft your plans for a piece that'll reflect your personal touch. You'll discover how to

  • Measure and mark your wood
  • Distinguish among saw designs
  • Choose and use sharpening tools
  • Hone in on hot melt glue
  • Speed things up with modern frame joints
  • Get down to the nitty-gritty on nails
  • Apply water-based polyurethanes

This handy reference packs in essential information for the novice woodworker and some advanced tips and tricks to jumpstart any woodworker's existing skills. Includes detailed illustrations and  how-to photos.

Introduction 1

Part I: What’s All the Buzz about Woodworking 7

Chapter 1: Discovering the Basics of Woodworking 9

Chapter 2: Wood You Be Mine? Appreciating Wood for All It’s Worth 15

Chapter 3: Putting Safety First in Your Workshop 37

Part II: Tool Time: Selecting and Setting Up Your Equipment 47

Chapter 4: Gearing Up: Choosing Tools That Are Right for You 49

Chapter 5: Getting a Handle on Hand Tools 57

Chapter 6: Peeking at Portable Power Tools 81

Chapter 7: Introducing the Big Guns: Stationary Power Tools 99

Chapter 8: Setting Up your workshop and Maximizing Your Tools 117

Part III: Together Forever: Basic Wood Joinery 137

Chapter 9: Stuck on You: Using Adhesives and Glues 139

Chapter 10: Working with Wood Joints 147

Chapter 11: Making the Most of Mechanical Fasteners 179

Part IV: getting Your Hands (and Shop) Dirty: Turning Raw Wood into Furniture 185

Chapter 12: Understanding the Building Process 187

Chapter 13: Banging Out Bookcases 201

Chapter 14: Tackling Tables 227

Chapter 15: Creating Cabinets 259

Part V: The Grand Finale: Sanding and Finishing Your Masterpiece 295

Chapter 16: Smoothin’ It Out by Sanding and Filling 297

Chapter 17: Adding Color: Stains and Paints 305

Chapter 18: Protecting Your Work with Topcoats 313

Part VI: The Part of Tens 323

Chapter 19: Ten Great Habits to Get Into 325

Chapter 20: Ten Common Woodworking Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them 329

Chapter 21: Ten Great Woodworking Resources 335

Index 339

"...this friendly guide gets you started in the basics...choose your step by step project and away you go..." (Prizes Galore, February 2004)