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Word 2010 All-in-One For Dummies

Doug Lowe, Ryan C. Williams (With)

ISBN: 978-0-470-48766-2 May 2010 648 Pages


A complete guide to the world's most popular word processing software

Microsoft Word is the most popular word processing software on the planet, and the most-used application in the Microsoft Office productivity suite. Along with the rest of Office, Word has been enhanced with new features and capabilities in the 2010 version.

Word's many users will find new things to learn and use in Word 2010, and this all-in-one guide gets them up to speed while providing a reference for taking Word to the next level.

  • Word is the top-selling application in the Microsoft Office suite and is the leading word processing software
  • Both newcomers to Word and experienced users will need instruction in Word 2010's new features, including online editing capabilities, online document collaboration, and an improved search function
  • Nine minibooks cover Word basics, editing, formatting, inserting bits and pieces, publishing documents, using reference features, mailings, customizing Word, and special features for developers

Word 2010 All-in-One For Dummies makes it easier for Word users everywhere to get up and running with Word 2010 and its new features.

Introduction 1

Book I: What’s in a Word? 5

Chapter 1: Getting to Know Word 2010 7

Chapter 2: Your Backstage Pass for Managing Documents 21

Chapter 3: Working with Templates 37

Chapter 4: Printing Your Documents 53

Chapter 5: Help! 63

Book II: All about Editing 67

Chapter 1: Getting Around in Your Documents 69

Chapter 2: Basic Text Formatting 77

Chapter 3: Working with Styles 103

Chapter 4: Editing Techniques 129

Chapter 5: All about AutoCorrect and Its Siblings 145

Chapter 6: Spell-Checking and the Thesaurus 155

Book III: All about Formatting 165

Chapter 1: Basic Page Formatting and Sections 167

Chapter 2: Formatting Fancy Pages 189

Chapter 3: Creating Lists 199

Book IV: Inserting Bits and Pieces 219

Chapter 1: Drawing Shapes on Your Document 221

Chapter 2: Inserting Pictures and Clip Art 245

Chapter 3: Creating Charts and Diagrams 259

Chapter 4: Working with Tables 281

Chapter 5: Inserting Fancy Text 303

Chapter 6: Other Things You Can Insert in Your Documents 313

Book V: Publish or Perish 323

Chapter 1: Blogging with Word 325

Chapter 2: Working with SharePoint 337

Chapter 3: Collaborating with the Review Tab 343

Book VI: Using Reference Features 355

Chapter 1: Creating a Table of Contents or Table of Figures 357

Chapter 2: Working with Footnotes and Endnotes 369

Chapter 3: Indexing Your Masterpiece 375

Chapter 4: Citations and Bibliographies 385

Chapter 5: I Object! (To Tables of Authorities, That Is) 391

Chapter 6: Working with Outlines and Master Documents 399

Book VII: Mailings 415

Chapter 1: Creating Envelopes and Labels 417

Chapter 2: Faxing and E-Mailing Documents 425

Chapter 3: Using the Mail Merge Wizard 429

Chapter 4: Advanced Mail-Merge Tricks 443

Book VIII: Customizing Word 457

Chapter 1: Customizing the User Interface 459

Chapter 2: Opting for Options 471

Chapter 3: Working with Fields 495

Chapter 4: Creating Custom Forms 511

Book IX: Features for Developers 525

Chapter 1: Recording and Using Macros 527

Chapter 2: Programming with VBA 539

Chapter 3: More Programming: Using Word’s Object Model 565

Chapter 4: Creating UserForms 589

Index 605