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Word 2010 Simplified

Elaine Marmel

ISBN: 978-1-118-08153-2 April 2011 256 Pages


Simply the easiest way yet to get up to speed on Word 2010

Microsoft Word 2010 includes all sorts of new features and functionalities, a redesigned interface, new emphasis on collaboration, and many additional changes. Both users of previous editions and those new to the Office applications will appreciate the clear, visual instruction in this book.

With step-by-step instructions and large, full-color screen shots demonstrating dozens of Word 2010 tasks, Word 2010 Simplified gets you up and running faster than you ever thought possible.

  • Word is the most-used application in Microsoft Office, which holds more than 90 percent of the market for Windows-based productivity suites
  • The new version of Word includes many changes and new features; both newcomers to Word and users of previous editions will appreciate this clear, visual introduction to the program
  • A streamlined interior with large font and screenshots, makes this guide easy to follow for all users at any age
  • Covers the basics, document fundamentals, formatting documents and adding graphics, collaborating and sharing documents, how and when to use Office Web Applications, and much more

If you learn best when you see how things are done, or if you just want a quick and easy guide to familiarize you with the new features of Word 2010, Word 2010 Simplified fills the bill.

1 Getting Familiar with Word

Open Word 4

Explore the Word Window 5

Work with Backstage View 6

Select Commands with the Keyboard 8

Select Commands with the Mouse 10

Work with the Mini Toolbar 11

Work with Context Menus 12

Launch a Dialog Box 13

Work with Commands 14

Enter Text 16

Move Around in a Document 18

Get Help 20

2 Managing Documents

Save a Document 24

Reopen an Unsaved Document 26

Save a Document to Word 97–2003 Format 28

Set the Folder Location for Saving Documents 29

Open a Word Document 30

Start a New Document 32

Switch Between Open Documents 34

Work with Document Properties 36

Close a Document 37

Convert Word Documents from Prior Versions to Word 2010 38

3 Editing Text

Insert Text 42

Delete Text 44

Insert Blank Lines 46

Undo Changes 47

Select Text 48

Mark and Find Your Place 50

Move or Copy Text 52

Share Text Between Documents 54

Move or Copy Several Selections 56

Take Advantage of Paste Options 58

Switch Document Views 60

Understanding Document Views 61

Zoom In or Out 62

Insert a Symbol 64

Set Options for Additional Actions 66

Using Additional Actions 67

4 Proofreading in Word

Search for Text 70

Substitute Text 72

Automatically Correct Mistakes 74

Automatically Insert Frequently Used Text 76

Check Spelling and Grammar 78

Disable Grammar and Spell Checking 80

Find a Synonym or Antonym with the Thesaurus 82

Add Comments to a Document 84

Track Document Changes During Review 86

Review Tracked Changes 88

Combine Reviewers’ Comments 90

5 Formatting Text

Change the Font 94

Change Text Size 95

Emphasize Information with Bold, Italic, or Underline 96

Change Text Case 97

Change Text Color 98

Apply Highlighting to Text 99

Copy Text Formatting 100

Remove Text Formatting 101

Set the Default Font for All New Documents 102

6 Formatting Paragraphs

Change Text Alignment 106

Set Line Spacing Within a Paragraph 107

Set Line Spacing Between Paragraphs 108

Create a Bulleted or Numbered List 110

Display Formatting Marks 112

Hide or Display the Ruler 113

Indent Paragraphs 114

Set Tabs 116

7 Formatting Pages

Adjust Margins 122

Insert a Page Break 124

Align Text Vertically on the Page 126

Change Page Orientation 127

Insert a Section Break 128

Add Page Numbers to a Document 130

Add a Header or Footer 132

Using Different Headers or Footers Within a Document 134

8 Printing Documents

Preview and Print a Document 138

Print on Different Paper Sizes 140

Print an Envelope 142

Set Up Labels to Print 144

9 Creating Tables and Charts

Create a Table 148

Change the Row Height or Column Width 150

Add or Delete a Row 152

Add or Delete a Column 154

Move a Table 156

Resize a Table 157

Set Cell Margins 158

Add Space Between Cells 159

Combine Cells 160

Split a Table 161

Add a Formula to a Table 162

Align Text in Cells 163

Format a Table 164

Add a Chart 166

Chart Concepts 168

10 Working with Graphics

Add WordArt 172

Add a Picture 174

Add a Screenshot 176

Add a Clip Art Image 178

Add a Shape 180

Add a Text Box 182

Move or Resize a Graphic 184

Understanding Text Wrapping and Graphics 186

Wrap Text Around a Graphic 187

Work with Diagrams 188

11 Customizing Word

Control the Display of Formatting Marks 194

Customize the Status Bar 195

Hide or Display Ribbon Buttons 196

Add a Predefined Group to a Ribbon Tab 198

Create Your Own Ribbon Group 200

Create Your Own Ribbon Tab 204

Work with the Quick Access Toolbar 208

12 Mailing Documents

E-mail a Document  214

Create Letters to Mass Mail 216

Add Envelopes to Mass Mailing Letters 222

Create Labels for a Mass Mailing 224