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Words of Wisdom from Women to Watch: Career Reflections from Leaders in the Commercial Insurance Industry

Words of Wisdom from Women to Watch: Career Reflections from Leaders in the Commercial Insurance Industry

Business Insurance

ISBN: 978-1-119-34151-2 December 2016 192 Pages




Learn from some of the most respected women in insurance and risk management

Women to Watch presents the advice, guidance, and lessons learned from the most successful women in risk management and insurance. For the past 10 years, Business Insurance has highlighted key women in the field—women noted for their skills, accomplishments, courage, wisdom, and everyday steel. In this book, these women present their stories in their own words; through essays and anecdotes about key issues, key moments, and crucial lessons, former Women to Watch honorees provide a glimpse into what it takes to make it. They've battled obstacles, hurdles, and institutionalized career impediments—and they've come out on top; their stories provide inspiration, motivation, and concrete, real-world guidance for all women who seek advancement in the insurance and risk management fields.

Business Insurance receives several hundred Women to Watch nominations every year; of those, they honor only 25. These women are the cream of the crop, and their unique insights into all-too-common experiences can help us all rise to the top.

  • Shatter the glass ceiling and close the wage gap
  • Shift your perspective on what "work/life balance" means
  • Celebrate and navigate the workplace's changing demographics
  • Learn how successful women get it done

The insurance and risk management fields look very different today than they did even 10 years ago; there is much to celebrate, but even more still left to be done. There is no substitute for the wisdom of experience, and the best lessons come from those who have navigated the path successfully. Women to Watch provides unique insight into the women who have conquered the field, and critical perspective for those who will follow.

Foreword ix

Joanne Wojcik

Acknowledgments xiii

Chapter 1 I’m Strong 1
Ingrid Lindberg

Chapter 2 My College-Self Says, “What Glass Ceiling?”. . . My Now-Self Responds 15
Lindsey Frase

Chapter 3 Building Your Personal Brand 25
Kimberly George

Chapter 4 Hear Me Roar 35
Caryn Siebert

Chapter 5 Lessons Learned in a 30-Year Career 49
Carol Arendall

Chapter 6 The Myth of Work-Life Balance 57
Carolina Klint

Chapter 7 Dirty Glass Ceilings 65
Yvette Connor

Chapter 8 Integration: The Key to Happiness 79
Janet Pane

Chapter 9 Women on Boards 89
Terrie Pohjola

Chapter 10 A Growth Story 103
Carol L. Murphy

Chapter 11 What If . . . 117
Linda Lane

Chapter 12 Game Changers 129
Artemis Emslie

Appendix Women to Watch (by year) 139

About the Authors 151

Index 163