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Work and Motivation

Victor H. Vroom

ISBN: 978-0-787-90030-4 November 1994 Jossey-Bass 397 Pages


Why do people choose the careers they do? What factors cause peopleto be satisfied with their work? No single work did more to makeconcepts like motive, goal incentive, and attitude part of theworkplace vocabulary.

This landmark work, originally published in 1964, integrates thework of hundreds of researchers in individual workplace behavior toexplain choice of work, job satisfaction, and job performance.Includes an extensive new introduction that highlights and updateshis model for current organization behavior educators and students,as well as professionals who must extract the highest levels ofproductivity from today's downsized workforces.
Part One: Introduction
1. Introduction and Historical Perspective
2. Motivation--A Point of View
3. The Motivational Bases of Work
Part Two: Choice of Work Role
4. Occupational Choice
Part Three: Satisfaction with Work Roles
5. The Determinants of Job Satisfaction
6. Job Satisfaction and Job Behavior
Part Four: Performance in Work Roles
7. The Role of Motivation in Work Performance
8. Some Motivational Determinants of Effective JobPerformance
Part Five: Conclusion
9. Concluding Observations on Method and Theory
"Highly recommAnded for the theorist, the empirical investigator,and the student in occupational behavioral science. It is the besttreatise on this topic that this reviewer has seen."

"A comprehensive and critical summary of the morass of studiesabout why people work."