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Working and Surviving in Organisations: A Trainer's Guide to Developing Organisational Skills

Working and Surviving in Organisations: A Trainer's Guide to Developing Organisational Skills

Sheila Dainow

ISBN: 978-0-471-98151-0

Jun 1998

252 pages

Select type: Paperback

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Working and Surviving in Organisations A Trainer's Guide to Developing Organisational Skills Sheila Dainow, London, UK At best, our jobs provide us with the opportunity for useful activity that helps to happily fulfil our lives, as well as providing an income. This book is aimed at trainers, counsellors and psychologists who work with managers and staff to help them be 'the best they can be'. It offers frameworks and resources which help people to understand and enjoy their work in its organisational context, to work effectively and avoid stress, and to relate their work to the rest of their lives. Sheila Dainow is an experienced trainer, counsellor and author. Her book provides
* Frameworks and structures for effective training programmes that increase well-being and efficiency at work
* Practical exercises, with trainer 'inputs' suggested and helpful hints and commentary based on successful experience
* Resources for training presented in a 'How to do it' way, which represent a recipe book for organisational training based on tried and tested material
Training specialists and managers will find this book a useful, interesting and practical tool in their task of counselling and developing people in effective, humane and modern organisations. "A straightforward, no-nonsense book . An excellent combination of theory and practical exercises." Stephen Palmer, PhD Director of the Centre for Stress Management, London, UK
Setting the Scene.


The Culture of the Organisation.

Psychology of Organisations.

Power and Politics.


Developing the Team.

Roles and Responsibilities.

Conflicts and Clashes.

Organising People.


The Breath of Life.

Give a Body a Break.

Use Your Mind.


Where Are You Now?

Getting Where You Want to Be.


"....I think it is very helpful and is likely to be a valuable and practical text.", , , The Occupational Psychiatrist#