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Working the Shadow Side: A Guide to Positive Behind-the-Scenes Management

Working the Shadow Side: A Guide to Positive Behind-the-Scenes Management

Gerard Egan

ISBN: 978-0-787-90011-3

Oct 1994, Jossey-Bass

276 pages

Select type: Hardcover

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Offers managers, consultants, and employees alike a practical starter kit that reveals how to identify, manage, and gain value from the below-the surface activities in an organization. Drawing on his worldwide consulting, teaching, and research experience, Gerard Egan shows how to create opportunity and competitive advantage by learning how to manage shadow-side realities. He identifies five interactive categories of behavior that affect both productivity and quality of work life in today's organizations--covert culture, the idiosyncrasies of individuals, the interactions of the organization's social system, institutional politics, and the hidden organization--and details specific skills and strategies for mining economic value from each one.

Harness the covert aspects of your organization -- covert culture, individual idiosyncrasies, institutional politics -- for competitive advantage. World-renown consultant, teacher and researcher Gerard Egan identifies five shadow side work behaviors, and details specifics for mining the economic value of each.

Preface xi

The Author xv

What Goes on in the Shadows

1 What is the Shadow Side? The Covert, Undiscussed, and Undiscussable Things That Drive Your Organization 3

2 Getting Attuned to the Shadows 17

Mining Value from the Shadow Side

3 Uncovering the Economics of the Shadow side 43

4 Becoming an Effective Behind-the-Scenes Manager 55

Revealing Your Organization’s Hidden Culture

5 “The Way We Do Things Here”: A Primer of Beliefs, Values, and Norms 75

6 Making the Culture Serve Your Business 96

Managing the Shadow Side of People

7 Personal Styles: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly, and the Ambiguous 127

8 working with Personal Styles and Promoting Productive Relationships 138

9 In-Groups, Out-Groups, Cliques, and Clubs: Finding Value in Your Organization’s Social Realities 164

Positive Political Skills at Work

10 Turf, Power, Agendas, and Resources: The Anatomy of Organizational Politics 195

11 How to Practice Positive Politics 212

Bringing It all Together

12 Making the Hidden Organization Serve the Business 233

13 Epilogue: Making Chaos Your Friend 256

References 267

Index 271

"Gerry Egan's focus on the shadow side of any organization--the informal, implicit beliefs and practices that really distinguish one organization from anotheris a valuable insight for anyone who is serious about fundamental change." --Liam Strong, CEO, Sears, PLC

"This comprehensive work puts in perspective the tremAndous economic benefit that managers can add to their organizations by not only recognizing the effect of the shadow side, but managing it well. Egan addresses these subjects in a clear, comprehensive, and common-sense manner." --William D. Ford, president, Amoco Oil Company