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Working with Culture: Psychotherapeutic Interventions with Ethnic Minority Children and Adolescents

Working with Culture: Psychotherapeutic Interventions with Ethnic Minority Children and Adolescents

Luis A. Vargas (Editor), Joan D. Koss-Chioino (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-555-42469-5

Sep 1992, Jossey-Bass

416 pages

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Ethnic minority youths often face unique challenges in their development. Working with Culture presents a range of culturally responsive psychotherapeutic interventions, illustrated by case examples, for dealing practically with problems such as cross-racial foster care, gang involvement, and substance abuse.

Preface xiii

The Editors xix

The Contributors xxi

1 Through the Cultural Looking Glass: A Model for Understanding Culturally Responsive Psychotherapies 1
Joan D. Koss-Chioino, Luis A. Vargas

Part One: Working with African American Children and Adolescents

2 Self-Esteem and Identity in Psychotherapy with Adolescents from Upwardly Mobile Middle-Class African American Families 25
Arthur C. Jones

3 Therapeutic Issues for Black Children in Foster Care 43
Helen L. Jackson, George Westmoreland

4 Racial Socialization as a Tool in Psychotherapy with African American Children 63
Beverly A. Greene

Part Two: Working with Hispanic American Children and Asolescents

5 Cultural Considerations in Play Therapy with Hispanic Children 85
Kenneth J. Martinez, Diana M. Valdez

6 Spirituality and Family Dynamics in Psychotherapy with Latin Children 103
Joseph M. Cervantes, Oscar Ramirez

7 Therapy with Latino Gang Members 129
Armando T. Morales

Part Three: working with Asian American Children and Adolescents

8 The Inner Heart: Therapy with Southeast Asian Families 157
Christine M. Chao

9 Differential Application of Treatment Modalities with Asian American Youth 181
Man Keung Ho

10 Living Between Two Cultures: Treating First-Generation Asian Americans 204
Nga Anh Nguyen

Part Four: Working with American Indian Children and Adolescents

11 Multidimensional Therapy: A Case Study of a Navajo Adolescent with Multiple Problems 225
Martin D. Topper

12 A Cognitive- Behavioral Approach to Drug Abuse Prevention and Intervention with American Indian Youth 246
Joseph E. Trimble

13 Treating American Indian Victims of Abuse and Neglect 276
Diane J. Willis, Antonia Dobrec, Dolores Subia Bigfoot Sipes

14 Conclusion: Improving the Prospects for Ethnic Minority Children in Therapy 300
Joan D. Koss-Chioin, Luis A. Vargas

Name Index 311