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Workplace Well-being: How to Build Psychologically Healthy Workplaces

Workplace Well-being: How to Build Psychologically Healthy Workplaces

Arla Day (Editor) , E. Kevin Kelloway (Editor) , Joseph J. Hurrell Jr. (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-46943-9

Apr 2014, Wiley-Blackwell

360 pages



Workplace Wellbeing is a complete guide to understanding and implementing the principles of a psychologically healthy workplace for psychologists and other practitioners.

  • Grounded in the latest theory and research yet filled with plenty of case studies and proven techniques
  • Introduces the core components of psychologically healthy workplaces, including health and safety, leadership, employee involvement, development, recognition, work-life balance, culture and communication
  • Addresses important issues such as the role of unions, the importance of leadership, healthy workplaces in small businesses, respectful workplace cultures, and corporate social responsibility
  • Discusses factors that influence the physical safety of employees, as well as their physical and psychological health
  • Brings together stellar scholars from around the world, including the US, Canada, Europe, Israel, and Australia

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About the Editors vii

Contributors ix

Preface xvi

Part I Introduction 1

1 Building a Foundation for Psychologically Healthy Workplaces and Well-Being 3
Arla Day and Krista D. Randell

2 Business Benefits of a Healthy Workforce 27
Cary Cooper and Stephen Bevan

3 Positive Psychology and the Healthy Workplace 50
Stephanie Gilbert and E. Kevin Kelloway

Part II The Psychologically Healthy Workplace 73

4 Occupational Health and Safety 75
Peter Y. Chen and Yiqiong Li

5 Introduction to Work–Life Balance 95
Leslie B. Hammer and Caitlin A. Demsky

6 Employee Empowerment and Engagement 117
Marisa Salanova and Susana Llorens

7 Employee Development and Growth 142
Raymond A. Noe and Michael J. Tews

8 Employee Recognition 161
Lois E. Tetrick and Clifford R. Haimann

9 Culture, Communication, and Making Workplaces Healthier 175
David M. DeJoy and Lindsay J. Della

Part III Building a Psychologically Healthy Workplace 203

10 Respectful Workplaces 205
Michael P. Leiter and Ashlyn Patterson

11 Leadership and Climate in a Psychologically Healthy Workplace 226
Karina Nielsen

12 Unions and Changes in Working Life: New Challenges, New Opportunities 245
Katharina Näswall and Magnus Sverke

13 Corporate Social Responsibility and Psychologically Healthy Workplaces 264
Jennifer L. Robertson and Julian Barling

14 Creating a Healthy Small Business 281
Sharon Clarke

15 Designing Healthy Workplaces 299
Catherine Loughlin and Danielle Mercer

16 Concluding Comments 324
Joseph J. Hurrell Jr.

Index 334

“This book has a broad and international range of profession contributors.  It gives a very comprehensive coverage of many psychological facets that influence a ‘Healthy Workplace’, this through a collection of diverse viewpoints.  For a reader wishing to understand the good and bad influences that affect work, and what considerations that are needed to establish a ‘Healthy Workplace’, the book is highly recommended.”  (British Psychological Society, 15 November 2014)