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Workplace Wellness: The Key to Higher Productivity and Lower Health Costs



Workplace Wellness: The Key to Higher Productivity and Lower Health Costs

Carol Bayly Grant, Robert E. Brisbin

ISBN: 978-0-471-28422-2 July 1992 176 Pages


Using an easy-to-follow, case-study format, this text offers proven programs that can help reduce workers' compensation costs, lower absenteeism, and boost morale and productivity. By providing practical information on nutrition, stress management, weight loss, smoking cessation, and substance abuse programs, it puts forth an aggressive management model that shows the reader how to head off potential risky behavior, subsequent health problems, and high insurance claims in the workplace.

Preface ix

Introduction The Physician’s Perspective xi
Elizabeth B. Lanier, M.D.

Chapter 1 The Cost of Illness 1

Chapter 2 The Wellness Director-Qualifications and Duties 6

Chapter 3 Developing a Wellness Policy 17

Chapter 4 The Wellness Budget 25

Chapter 5 Developing a Fitness Program 31

Chapter 6 Smoking Cessation and Substance Abuse Programs 48

Chapter 7 Weight Management and Nutrition Education 55

Chapter 8 Stress Management 62

Chapter 9 Prenatal Wellness, Childcare, and Elder Care 67

Chapter 10 Hiring, Physical Examination, and Claims Management 73

Chapter 11 Insurance Options 82

Chapter 12 Ergonomics 92

Chapter 13 Employee Incentive and Recognition 106

Appendix 1 Survey Questions 110

Appendix 2 Methods of Tracking Costs and Costs Savings 125

Resources 142

References 148

Index 149