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World Class Production and Inventory Management, 2nd Edition

World Class Production and Inventory Management, 2nd Edition

Darryl V. Landvater

ISBN: 978-0-471-17855-2

Jul 1997

304 pages

Select type: Hardcover

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The definitive guide to the latest tools & techniques for achieving performance excellence in manufacturing, distribution, and planning Now completely revised and expanded, World Class Production and Inventory Management presents the latest information on the unique tools and techniques needed to manage the planning and production of a manufacturing enterprise. Including a completely new chapter on Efficient Consumer Response (ECR), updated case studies, and additional information on manufacturing integration, this comprehensive reference includes:
* Step-by-step implementation techniques in each key area of production and inventory management
* Fresh perspectives on manufacturing integration and multiple demand stream management
* Best-in-class examples from companies such as Abbott Laboratories, Boeing, and Martin Marietta
* Proven guidelines for avoiding the most common problems and for achieving continually higher levels of performance
* Self-assessment questions helpful in measuring the performance of your company in each operating area
Comprehensive and accessible, World Class Production and Inventory Management is an invaluable resource for APICS members seeking CPIM certification, as well as for all those in charge of managing a successful manufacturing enterprise.
The Emergence of a Profession.

Major Themes in P&IM.

Rethinking Business as Usual.

Sales and Operations Planning.

Demand Management.

Customer Linking.

Master Production Scheduling.

Material Requirements Planning (MRP).

Capacity Planning.

Plant Scheduling.

Supplier Scheduling.

Implementation: The Proven Path.

The Road Less Traveled.