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World Media Ethics: Cases and Commentary

Robert S. Fortner, P. Mark Fackler

ISBN: 978-1-118-99000-1 August 2017 Wiley-Blackwell 264 Pages


  • Emphasizing the intertwined concepts of freedom of the press and social responsibility, this is the first book to cover media ethics from a truly global perspective. Case studies on hot topics and issues of enduring importance in media studies are introduced and thoroughly analyzed, with particular focus on ones involving social media and public protest
  • Written by two global media ethics experts with extensive teaching experience, this work covers the whole spectrum of media, from news, film, and television, to advertising, PR, and digital media
  • End-of-chapter exercises, discussion questions, and commentary boxes from a global group of scholars reinforce student learning, engage readers, and offer diverse perspectives

Preface vii

1 Introduction: Contexts for Ethical Decision-Making 1

2 Philosophical Perspectives on Ethical Decision-Making: The Individualist Traditions 19

3 Philosophical Perspectives on Ethical Decision-Making: The Collectivist Traditions 35

4 Ethics and Political Economy 54

5 Boundaries on Civil Discourse 75

6 Advertising, Public Relations, and Materialism 90

7 Global Entertainment 108

8 Media and the Political Process 121

9 The Rule of Law 138

10 Treasuring Persons, Protecting Institutions: The Protection of Minority Voices 149

11 Religion and Social Responsibility 169

12 War, Violence, and Media 179

13 Truth, Conflict, Chronic Problems, and Media Attention 190

14 Conclusion 205

Glossary 213

References 215

Index 243