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World Medical & Health Policy

World Medical & Health Policy


World Medical & Health Policy is a unique journal dedicated to the intersection of policy, medicine and public health. The Journal's primary objective is to help improve global health by translating medical knowledge and scientific evidence into the normative function of policy.
Policy and politics often blur the boundaries between medical and scientific evidence and social values, especially in a globalizing world. Medical practice occurs in an increasingly complex environment governed by global trade, socio-cultural interactions, and rapid technological advances. Regulations, laws, international relations, and natural and human made disasters all influence medical care and preventive services. Global economic imperatives, diplomacy, disasters and humanitarian interventions impact health outcomes — often in unexpected and unintended ways. The World Medical & Health Policy Journal will highlight the practical implications of political and policy choices, and will include opinions and case studies from practitioners in the field alongside scholarly research articles. By bringing a global policy perspective to medical practice, the journal helps readers navigate the often tangled world of regulations, liability, and standards of care, and deepens their awareness of ethics, practices, and the socio-economic context in which they are created. By translating empirical evidence into policy, the journal also helps policymakers design programs and promote regulations that improve health outcomes, with special attention to proper allocation of scarce resources and needs of vulnerable populations.

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