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World Regional Geography Workbook

Rebecca West, April Watson

ISBN: 978-1-119-47248-3 March 2018 160 Pages

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This workbook contains basemaps of the major realms, including: North America, Middle America, South America, Europe, Russia/Central Asia, North Africa/Southwest Asia, Subsaharan Africa, South Asia, East Asia, Southeast Asia, the Austral Realm, and the Pacific Realm.

The workbook contains activities intended for use with the blank basemaps, along with assessment questions for each realm.

The activities and questions will teach students to:

  • interpret maps/be able to explain what each map shows.
  • identify the most critical parts of any map.
  • understand the static nature of maps.
  • understand the difference between spatial and non-spatial data.
  • form a much better understanding of the scale involved when maps are used.
  • improve spatial reasoning/thinking skills.
  • make inferences and draw conclusions about countries and regions based on information presented within maps.

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About the Authors vii

1 World 1

World Map Activities 1

World Map Questions 2

2 North America 10

North America Map Activities 10

Additional North America Mapping Exercises 12

North America Physical Geography Questions 12

North America Cultural Geography Questions 13

3 Middle America 21

Middle America Map Activities 21

Additional Middle America Mapping Exercises 22

Middle America Physical Geography Questions 23

Middle America Cultural Geography Questions 23

4 South America 32

South America Map Activities 32

Additional South American Mapping Activities 33

South America Physical Geography Questions 33

South America Cultural Geography Questions 34

5 Europe 41

Europe Map Activities 41

Additional European Mapping Activities 42

Europe Physical Geography Questions 43

Europe Cultural Geography Questions 44

6 Russian and Central Asia 60

Russian and Central Asian Map Activities 60

Additional Russia Mapping Exercises 61

Russian Realm Physical Geography Questions 62

Russian Realm Cultural Geography Questions 63

Russian Realm Mapping Activity 63

7 North Africa/Southwest Asia 73

North Africa/Southwest Asia Map Activities 73

North Africa/Southwest Asia Physical Geography Questions 74

North Africa/Southwest Asia Cultural Geography Questions 75

North Africa/Southwest Asia Mapping Activity 76

8 Sub-Saharan Africa 90

Sub-Saharan Africa Map Activities 90

Sub-Saharan Africa Physical Geography Questions 91

Sub-Saharan Africa Cultural Geography Questions 92

Sub-Saharan Africa Mapping Activity 93

9 South Asia 102

South Asia Map Activities 102

South Asia Physical Geography Questions 103

South Asia Cultural Geography Questions 104

10 East Asia 111

East Asia Map Activities 111

East Asia Physical Geography Questions 112

East Asia Cultural Geography Questions 113

East Asia Mapping Activity 114

11 Southeast Asia 121

Southeast Asia Map Activities 121

Southeast Asia Physical Geography Questions 122

Southeast Asia Cultural Geography Questions 123

Southeast Asia Mapping Activity 124

12 Austral Realm 135

Austral Realm Asia Map Activities 135

Austral Realm Physical Geography Questions 136

Austral Realm Cultural Geography Questions 137

Austral Realm Mapping Activity 138

13 Pacific Realm 143

Pacific Realm Map Activities 143

Pacific Realm Physical Geography Questions 144

Pacific Realm Cultural Geography Questions 145