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World Right Side Up: Investing Across Six Continents

World Right Side Up: Investing Across Six Continents

Christopher W. Mayer

ISBN: 978-1-118-23978-0

Mar 2012

320 pages



Invaluable insights into finding diverse investment opportunities in the emergent global economy

From Brazilian farmlands to Colombian gold fields, from Chinese shopping malls to Indian hotels, from South African wine country to the boom/bust souks of Dubai, this around-the-world investing field trip explores the nooks and crannies for hidden investment opportunities. World Right Side Up: Investing Across Six Continents is packed with ideas to power your portfolio in the years ahead while teaching you a little fascinating history along the way. Fact is, the world's markets have changed in a big way. For the first time since before the Industrial Revolution, the emerging markets now contribute as much to the global economy as their more well-developed peers. Far from being an anomaly, this state of affairs is more in line with the bulk of human experience. For centuries, China and India were the world's largest economies. And so the world is turning...right side up.

This change creates a wealth of opportunities for investors, in both the emerging markets and developed markets. World Right Side Up is your guide on how to take full advantage of this shift.

  • Provides an entertaining view of various regions visited by the author, including South America, Asia, Africa, North America, and the Middle East
  • Explores specific investment ideas and themes, including opportunities in agriculture, water, energy, infrastructure and much more
  • Includes five key takeaways from each region, an invaluable feature, offering resources to consult for more information and guidance

While some people fear the changes happening now, the reality is that for the forward-thinking investor, these sizable new markets will create extraordinary new opportunities.

Foreword: Sometimes It’s Different vii

Acknowledgments ix

Preface: Notes before We Go xi

CHAPTER 1 The World Right Side Up 1

CHAPTER 2 Colombia: In Search of El Dorado 25

CHAPTER 3 Brazil: The Soil Superpower 45

CHAPTER 4 Nicaragua: This Side of Paradise 65

CHAPTER 5 China: Crisis and Opportunity in the Middle Kingdom 75

CHAPTER 6 India: Don’t Drink the Tap Water? 105

CHAPTER 7 The Emirates: Penthouse Gypsies 125

CHAPTER 8 South Africa: Rainbow Capitalism 143

CHAPTER 9 Down Under and Beyond: Australia and New Zealand 163

CHAPTER 10 Southeast Asia: Travels Through Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam 183

CHAPTER 11 Other Places, Other Opportunities: Mongolia, Argentina, Russia, Turkey, and Central Asia 209

CHAPTER 12 Canada: A Breadbasket’s Great Comeback 227

CHAPTER 13 The United States of America: Home Again 247

CHAPTER 14 An Investor’s Guide to the World Right Side Up 283

About the Author 291

Index 293