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World Meterologican Day

Atmospheric Science Letters

Can reducing black carbon and methane below RCP2.6 levels keep global warming below 1.5 °C?
Predictability of European winter 2016/2017 by Nick Dunstone et al

Environmental Progress & Sustainable Energy

The impact of natural disasters on energy consumption: An analysis of renewable and nonrenewable energy demand in the residential and industrial sectors


Dealing with the deluge of historical weather data: the example of the TEMPEST database

Geophysical Research Letters

The Relation Between Aerosol Vertical Distribution and Temperature Inversions in the Arctic in Winter and Spring

Geoscience Data Journal

A historical Southern Ocean climate dataset from whaling ships’ logbooks

JGR Atmospheres

Future Projections of the Large‐Scale Meteorology Associated with California Heat Waves in CMIP5 Models
Airborne Pollen Concentration in Nanjing, Eastern China, and its Relationship With Meteorological Factors
Deposition and Dispersion of Radio‐Cesium Released Due to the Fukushima Nuclear Accident: Sensitivity to Meteorological Models and Physical Modules

Meteorological Applications

Assessment of the modulation effect of rainfall on solar radiation availability at the Earth's surface
Improving road weather model forecasts by adjusting the radiation input


Meteorological impacts of the total solar eclipse of 21 August 2017

Quarterly Journal

Eleven‐year solar cycle signal in the NAO and Atlantic/European blocking

Risk Analysis

Effect of Providing the Uncertainty Information About a Tornado Occurrence on the Weather Recipients’ Cognition and Protective Action: Probabilistic Hazard Information Versus Deterministic Warnings
Improved Methods for Estimating Flood Depth Exceedances Within Storm Surge Protection Systems
Media Disaster Reporting Effects on Public Risk Perception and Response to Escalating Tornado Warnings: A Natural Experiment
Perceptions and Expected Immediate Reactions to Severe Storm Displays
An Integrated Scenario Ensemble‐Based Framework for Hurricane Evacuation Modeling: Part 1—Decision Support System
An Integrated Scenario Ensemble‐Based Framework for Hurricane Evacuation Modeling: Part 2—Hazard Modeling


Negotiating nature's weather worlds in the context of life with sight impairment

Water Resources Research

Natural and Human Influences on the Link Between Meteorological and Hydrological Drought Indices for a Large Set of Catchments in the Contiguous United States

WIREs Climate Change

An overview of the Earth system science of solar geoengineering
Intellectual property policies for solar geoengineering

WIREs Energy and Environment

Multivariate analysis of solar city economics: impact of energy prices, policy, finance, and cost on urban photovoltaic power plant implementation
Solar thermal CSP technology