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Writing on the Wall: The Campaign for Commonsense Business



Writing on the Wall: The Campaign for Commonsense Business

Geoff Burch

ISBN: 978-1-841-12043-0 June 2002 Capstone 212 Pages


This is the business book we have been waiting for. Whilst we watch in horror as the consultants, the gurus and the management experts interfere with our jobs and lives with no apparent benefit, along comes this latest book from Geoff Burch that confirms that all our fears were true.This waspish, funny and often downright vicious expose of everything from marketing to HRM and even change management leaves no stone unturned and no taboo untrampled.But this is no mere hatchet job. Writing on the Wall exposes the stupidity of fashionable management fads, but by stripping the subject to the bone, the true secrets are uncovered. By facing the stark truth of poor products, difficult customers and mutinous staff, Burch is able to show, with bizarre examples such as the child with the squashed head, and hard hitting advice such as "smile or sling your hook", just how we can make success inevitable.

Introduction 1

1 Arming the Peasants – A Very Risky Business Indeed 3

2 The Process 21

3 Customer Care … That Offer’s Finished! 47

4 The Global Market 95

5 Everyone Can Sell – Everyone Should Sell 117

6 The Power of Persuasion 147

7 Next 173

Index 197

"...this book pulls no punches. Thought provoking, insightful and downright funny in parts, its a must read for business people at any stage of their career..." (Gloucestershire Echo, 16 June 2002)

...waspish, funny, and often downright vicious, expose of everything from marketing to process re-engineering..." (Manager, July/August 2002) 

"…it just takes a clever book like this to present them so clearly…" (City To Cities, October/November 2002)

"…Takes us on an insightful journey through a scary business world…" (Business Executive, 1 October 2003)