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Wrox's ASP.NET 2.0 Visual Web Developer 2005 Express Edition Starter Kit

Wrox's ASP.NET 2.0 Visual Web Developer 2005 Express Edition Starter Kit

David Sussman, Alex Homer

ISBN: 978-0-471-79024-2

Jan 2006

295 pages

Select type: E-Book

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  • This Starter Kit serves as an entry-level introduction centered around prebuilt projects that developers can easily deploy and customize for their own sites
  • Explains how to build good basic Web sites, including design and architecture, for users who plan to build more complex sites in the future
  • Details the key site features that beginners like to implement, including catalogs, shopping carts, images, and secure site sections
  • The authors use very little code, but where coding is needed, they feature the simple Visual Basic language
  • The CD-ROM includes Visual Web Developer 2005 Express Edition


Chapter 1: Getting Started.

Chapter 2: Designing a Web Site.

Chapter 3: Building the PPQ Database.

Chapter 4: Accessing and Displaying Data.

Chapter 5: Displaying Nested and XML Data.

Chapter 6: Managing and Editing Data.

Chapter 7: Placing an Order.

Chapter 8: The Checkout Process.

Chapter 9: Security and Deployment.

Publishing Site.



  • Anyone who is an HTML author or casual ASP.NET programmer could be in the audience to use this visual tool, included with the book, rather than coding ASP.NET by hand or using the expensive professional Visual Studio version. The "Express" version will get heavy promotion by Microsoft to this entry-level audience
  • Easy way to fast ASP.NET success: Short book focuses on getting a site up and working quickly using a "starter kit" template.
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ChapterPageDetailsDatePrint Run
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MenuItemType, ItemName, ItemSize, and ItemPrice
should be:
MenuItemType, ItemName, PizzaToppings, and GraphicFileName
15Error in text,Step 7 should read:
...sort the rows Descending by MenuItemType and Ascending by ItemName...
27Error in text,Step 12, should read:
...because debugging is not enabled in the web.config file...
28Error in Figure Numbering,The figure number Fig 1-32 is duplicated. The figure on this page
corresponds to step 13. Fig 1-33 corresponds to step 14 and shows
sorting the rows, not highlighting a row.
29Duplicate Figure,Fig 1-34 is duplicated and the second should be ignored.6/20/06
233Error in URL,ital paragraph at top of page, url at end should be:
41Code Error in Figure ,In Fig 2-8, the HTML code does not contain the setting for the TopMargin property until you press the Enter key.6/20/06
52Error in Figure,In Fig 2-18, the ID for the data source control should be:
68Error in Table,Table at bottom of page:
The price of a medium Margherita Pizza should be 7.70.
70Error in text,In the second paragraph, MenuItemID is not shown as shaded in the table.6/20/06
71Error in Table,Table at bottom of page:
Replace fkMenuItem with fkMenuItemType.
72Error in Table,First table:
Replace column name Itemi with Item1 .
72Error in text,In the paragraph under the diagram, the last line should be: ...empty columns in a row where... 6/20/06
73Error in Table,Table 3-4, column heading OrderID should be fkOrderID. 6/20/06
73Error in Table,ItemSize should be a Text column containing the size as Small, Medium, or Large.6/20/06
73Error in Table,fkMenuItemID in the second-last row should be 1, not 3. 6/20/06
75Error in Figure,In Fig 3-3, the relationship for MenuItemID should link to fkMenuItemID.6/20/06
80Error in text,First paragraph:
the OrderDate column is not selected in Fig 3-7.
86Error in text,In Step 7, the entry IX_Table1 does not appear in the dialog until you save the index.6/20/06
87Error in Table,The entry for PK_OrderItems does not exist until you save the table. 6/20/06
87Error in Step,In Step 9, click Close in the Indexes/Keys dialog first.6/20/06
89Error in Step,After selecting fkOrderID, you must set the other two fields in the Primary Key to before clicking OK.6/20/06
91Error in Step,Step 2, after clicking Add, click Close to close the Add Table window. 6/20/06
91Error in Step,In Step 3, if you created a relationship in the prev