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XML For Dummies, 4th Edition



XML For Dummies, 4th Edition

Lucinda Dykes, Ed Tittel

ISBN: 978-1-118-08553-0 May 2011 384 Pages

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See how XML works for business needs and RSS feeds

Create consistency on the Web, or tag your data for different purposes

Tag -- XML is it! XML tags let you share your format as well as your data, and this handy guide will show you how. You'll soon be using this markup language to create everything from Web sites to business forms, discovering schemas and DOCTYPES, wandering the Xpath, teaming up XML with Office 2003, and more.

Discover how to
* Make information portable
* Use XML with Word 2003
* Store different types of data
* Convert HTML documents to XHTML
* Add CSS to XML
* Understand and use DTDs

Introduction 1

Part I: XML Basics 9

Chapter 1: Getting to Know XML 11

Chapter 2: Using XML for Many Purposes 23

Chapter 3: Slicing and Dicing Data Categories: The Art of Taxonomy 33

Part II: XML and the Web 45

Chapter 4: Adding XHTML for the Web 47

Chapter 5: Putting Together an XML File 65

Chapter 6: Adding Character(s) to XML 83

Chapter 7: Handling Formatting with CSS 95

Part III: Building In Validation with DTDs and Schemas 109

Chapter 8: Understanding and Using DTDs 111

Chapter 9: Understanding and Using XML Schema 135

Chapter 10: Building a Custom XML Schema 157

Chapter 11: Modifying an Existing Schema 173

Part IV: Transforming and Processing XML 195

Chapter 12: Handling Transformations with XSL 197

Chapter 13: The XML Path Language 215

Chapter 14: Processing XML 235

Part V: XML Application Development 245

Chapter 15: Using XML with Web Services 247

Chapter 16: XML and Forms 259

Chapter 17: Serving Up the Data: XML and Databases 271

Chapter 18: XML and RSS 285

Part VI: The Part of Tens 299

Chapter 19: XML Tools and Technologies 301

Chapter 20: Ten Top XML Applications 313

Chapter 21: Ten Ultimate XML Resources 321

Glossary 329

Index 347

Code Samples
You'll find all the sample code from the chapters here.

To download the included code samples, follow these steps:

Click to download

Choose a location to save the file on your hard drive.

After the download is complete, run WinZip or another software program that decompresses zip files and extract into the directory of your choice.


URLs mentioned in the book

We've also gathered a large number of the URLs mentioned in the book and organized them in a handy Links list so you can access them quickly and easily. As with all things on the Web, these URLs can change at any time. We make every effort to keep our links current, but if you do find a broken link among our collection, please send us e-mail and let us know. We've selected these online resources because they are among the best on the Web. We hope you enjoy and learn from them as we have.


Epic Editor: (eval)

Turbo XML:

XMetaL Author:

XML Pro:

XML Spy:











HTML Tidy:




Microsoft XML:

Web Methods: