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XML Programming Bible

XML Programming Bible

Brian Benz, John R. Durant

ISBN: 978-0-764-53829-2

Sep 2003

984 pages

Select type: Paperback

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  • Covers all the most recent XML core and related specifications including XML 1.1, J2EE 1.4, Microsoft .NET's latest iteration, as well as open source XML items from the Apache project.
  • Strong coverage of XML use with databases, transactions, and XML security.
  • Discusses both Microsoft (.NET) and Sun (Java) programming integration with XML, an approach not taken in any other book.
  • Presents extensive business examples, including several major applications developed throughout the book.
  • No previous exposure to XML is assumed.


Part I: Introducing XML.

Chapter 1: XML Concepts.

Chapter 2: XML Documents.

Chapter 3: XML Data Format and Validation.

Chapter 4: XML Parsing Concepts.

Chapter 5: Parsing XML with DOM.

Chapter 6: Parsing XML with SAX.

Chapter 7: XSLT Concepts.

Chapter 8: XSL Transformations.

Chapter 9: XSL Formatting Objects.

Part II: Microsoft Office and XML.

Chapter 10: Microsoft XML Core Services.

Chapter 11: Working with the MSXML DOM.

Chapter 12: Generating XML from MS Access Data.

Chapter 13: Creating an Excel Spreadsheet from an XML Data Source.

Part III: XML Web Applications Using J2EE.

Chapter 14: XML Tools for J2EE: IBM, Apache, Sun, and Others.

Chapter 15: Xerces.

Chapter 16: Xalan.

Chapter 17: XML APIs from Sun.

Part IV: Relational Data and XML.

Chapter 18: Accessing and Formatting XML from SQL Server Data.

Chapter 19: Accessing and Formatting XML from Oracle Data.

Chapter 20: Accessing and Formatting XML from DB2.

Chapter 21: Building XML-Based Web Applications with JDBC.

Chapter 22: Transforming Relational XML Output into Other Formats.

Part V: Introducing Web Services.

Chapter 23: Web Service Concepts.

Chapter 24: SOAP.

Chapter 25: WSDL.

Chapter 26: UDDI.

Chapter 27: Microsoft Web Services.

Chapter 28: J2EE Web Services.

Part VI: Microsoft.NET and Web Services.

Chapter 29: Creating and Deploying .NET Web Services.

Chapter 30: Accessing .NET Web Services.

Chapter 31: Building a .NET Web Services Client.

Part VII: Web Services and J2EE.

Chapter 32: Web Service Tools for J2EE: IBM, Apache, Sun, and Others.

Chapter 33: Web Services with the Sun Java Web Services Developer Pack.

Chapter 34: Apache Axis.

Chapter 35: Accessing Web Services from Java Applications.

Part VIII: Advanced Web Services.

Chapter 36: Accessing Relational Data via Web Services.

Chapter 37: Authentication and Security for Web Services.


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