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XML Schema Essentials

XML Schema Essentials

R. Allen Wyke, Andrew Watt

ISBN: 978-0-471-42320-1

Oct 2002

400 pages

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Replacing DTDs (Document Type Definitions) as the way in which XML documents are described and validated, XML schemas are essential for ensuring the accuracy and security of information in B2B transactions and other XML applications. This how-to guide employs extensive examples and source code to help developers and programmers get quickly up to speed on the practical application of this important technology. With in-depth explanations for each example, XML expert Mike Fitzgerald acquaints readers with coding structures, then moves to more advanced topics, including unique element and attribute values, keys, and how to use schemas with HTML. Like the other books in the series, this guide features comprehensive appendices listing all the datatypes and data facets, code indexes, and other time-saving features.
Dedication (R. Wyke & A. Watt).

Acknowledgments (R. Wyke & A. Watt).

Author Bio (R. Wyke & A. Watt).


Elementary XML Schema.

XSD Elements.

Adding Attributes.

Applying Datatypes.

Data Facets.

More on Data Facets.

Grouping Elements and Attributes.

Deriving Types.

Uniqueness and Keys in XSD Schema.

Bringing the Parts Together.

Appendix: Data Facets.
“…if you are looking for a hands-on approach, which excludes material aimed at beginners, then this will suit your purposes…”(Computer Bulletin, 6 March 2003)

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