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Year's Work in Critical and Cultural Theory, Volume 1


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Year's Work in Critical and Cultural Theory, Volume 1

Elaine Treharne (Editor), Stephen Regan (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-631-18858-2 January 1995 Wiley-Blackwell 256 Pages


This annual publication accompanies Blackwell Publishers' Year's Work in English Studies and reviews work in critical and cultural theory. Volume I evaluates work published in 1991.
Part I: The Year's Work in Critical and Cultural Theory:.

1. Critical Theory: General: S. Sim (University of Sunderland).

2. Rhetoric and Deconstruction: R. Jarvis (University of the West of England, Bristol).

3. Psychoanalysis: V. Lebeau (University of Sussex).

4. Feminism: S. Mills (University of Loughborough) with V. Bell; L. Brimstone; K. Burlinson; J. Goldman; H. Ingman; V. Kolocotroni; M. Metzstein; A. Sandhu.

5. Historicism: T. Pinkney (University of Lancaster).

6. Colonial Discourse/Postcolonial Theory: P. Williams (Nottingham Trent University).

7. Art History: J. Harris (Leeds Metropolitan University).

8. Popular Music: D. Buckley, Neubiberg. Books Received (for 1992).

Part II: Barbarian at the Gate: Essays in Honour of Terry Eagleton:.

9. The Ballad of Terry Eagleton: F. Eden.

10. The December Group: Terry Eagleton and the New Left Church: A. Cunningham (University of Lancaster).

11. Memories of Underdevelopment: Teaching Shakespeare in 1969: P. O'Flinn (Oxford Brookes University).

12. Changes: A Critical Survey of Terry Eagleton's Work: G. Wade, Athens.

13. The Sign of Value: Reflections on Eagleton and Aesthetic Value: E. Larrissy (University of Warwick).

14. The Poetry of the Meantime: Terry Eagleton and the Politics of Style: S. Connor (Birbeck College, London).

15. Ideology: A Review: C. Norris (University of Wales, College of Cardiff).

16. Brother Tel: The Politics of Eagletonism: W. Maley (Queen Mary and Westfield College, London).

17. Iron on the Shoulder: For Young Terry at 50: A. Easthope (Manchester Metropolitan University).

18. For a Pilgrim of Hope: J. Goode.

Index to Part I.

  • Expands coverage of critical and cultural theory previously a single chapter in Year's Work in English Studies.
  • Newly commissioned essays on Terry Eagleton
  • An essential purchase for humanity libraries
  • Comprehensive index and full bibliographies.