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Years 6 - 8 Maths For Students

Consumer Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-730-32680-9 December 2015 392 Pages


Your tutor in a book! Master the essential mathematical skills for success!

'I don't know how to do this' is a refrain heard whilst many a student is doing homework. Parents are increasingly called on for assistance, but are themselves struggling to help their children. Years 6-8 Maths For Students is a reference guide for both students and parents, aiming to fill the gaps in a student's knowledge base, build confidence and reduce stress.

Written with the same friendly, how-to approach of the successful For Dummies books, this new educational reference will empower students and develop their mathematical skills for exams, NAPLAN testing and, most importantly, life beyond secondary school. With worries that students are being taught to pass tests at the expense of understanding — this guide will help students cement their mathematical foundations. 

  • Grasp the nuts and bolts of numbers, algebra, geometry and measurement
  • Helps students with maths as they transition from primary to secondary school
  • Complete homework and prepare for tests with confidence

Save money on expensive tutors. Years 6-8 Maths For Students empowers students to improve their educational outcomes.

Introduction 1

Part I: Whole Numbers: The Building Blocks of Maths 5

Chapter 1: Ready, Set ... Success! 7

Chapter 2: Getting Bigger and Smaller: Sequences, Addition and Subtractio n27

Chapter 3: Equal Piles: Multiplying and Dividing 53

Chapter 4: Going Backwards with Negative Numbers 89

Chapter 5: Say What? Turning Words into Numbers 97

Part II: Parts of the Whole 109

Chapter 6: Cake or Death: Fractions without Fear 111

Chapter 7: What’s the Point? Dealing with Decimals 153

Chapter 8: It’s All Relative: Ratios, Proportions and Speed 185

Chapter 9: Perfect Percentages, 100% of the Time 201

Chapter 10: Word Problems with Fractions, Decimals and Percentages 219

Part III: Picturing and Measuring: Shapes, Weights and Graphs 231

Chapter 11: Shaping Up 233

Chapter 12: Considering Time, Weights, Temperature and Measurements 247

Chapter 13: Communicating Data with Graphs and Tables 287

Part IV: The x-Files: Introduction to Algebra 303

Chapter 14: Using the Alphabet for Maths 305

Chapter 15: Using Algebra to Solve Equations 319

Chapter 16: Algebra Word Problems 333

Part V: The Part of Tens 345

Chapter 17: Ten Tricks for Remembering Your Number Facts 347

Chapter 18: Ten (Almost!) Pitfalls to Avoid 355

Chapter 19: Ten (or so) Ways to Make Any Test Easier 359

Index 365