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Yoga For Dummies, 3rd Edition

Yoga For Dummies, 3rd Edition

Larry Payne, Georg Feuerstein

ISBN: 978-1-118-83954-6

May 2014

408 pages



Sharing the benefits of yoga in a way that everyone can enjoy and understand

Practicing yoga has many health benefits, including improving your overall fitness, flexibility, and strength. It has also been known to reduce heart rate and blood pressure. And if you're suffering from chronic lower back pain, yoga is a perfect choice for you. Yoga For Dummies, 3rd Edition will show you how to get up to speed on the fundamentals of Yoga, whether you're participating in a class, teaching a class, or practicing it on your own. This new edition features over 20% new and updated content plus 12 companion videos featuring the hottest and most popular poses. Inside, you will find:

  • Do-it-yourself yoga programs for you to practice
  • The latest techniques for breathing properly
  • Photos on key poses that can improve front sides and backsides
  • New coverage on yoga against the wall, the use of props in yoga, couples yoga, and more

If you suffer from anxiety, depression, or chronic pain, yoga can be a wonderfully relaxing exercise for you. Whether you decide to persist in a traditional do-it-yourself yoga practice or experiment with the use of props in a new yoga routine, this book can help. Children, pregnant women, mid-lifers, and seniors can all enjoy the benefits of yoga simply explained in this comprehensive, fun guide.

Foreword xv

Introduction 1

Part I: Getting Started with Yoga 5

Chapter 1: Yoga 101: Building a Foundation 7

Chapter 2: Ready, Set, Yoga! 23

Chapter 3: Preparing for a Fruitful Yoga Practice 33

Chapter 4: Relaxed Like a Noodle: The Fine Art of Letting Go of Stress 41

Chapter 5: Breath and Movement Simplified 55

Part II: Moving into Position: Basic Yoga Postures 77

Chapter 6: Please Be Seated 79

Chapter 7: Standing Tall 89

Chapter 8: Steady as a Tree: Mastering Balance 107

Chapter 9: Absolutely Abs 115

Chapter 10: Looking at the World Upside Down: Safe Inversion Postures 123

Chapter 11: Easy ’round the Bends: Classic Bending Floor Postures 133

Chapter 12: Several Twists on the Yoga Twist 151

Chapter 13: Dynamic Posture: The Rejuvenation Sequence and Sun Salutation 159

Chapter 14: A Recommended Beginners’ Routine for Men and Women 167

Part III: Creating and Customizing Your Yoga Routine 177

Chapter 15: Designing Your Own Yoga Program 179

Chapter 16: Partnering Up for Yoga 215

Chapter 17: It’s Never Too Soon: Pre- and Postnatal Yoga 231

Chapter 18: Yoga for Kids and Teens 243

Chapter 19: It’s Never Too Late: Yoga for Midlifers and Older Adults 265

Chapter 20: Prop Art: The Why and How of Simple Props 287

Chapter 21: Yoga Against the Wall 295

Part IV: Living Life the Yoga Way 309

Chapter 22: Yoga throughout the Day 311

Chapter 23: Meditation and the Higher Reaches of Yoga 323

Chapter 24: Yoga Therapy: Customizing Your Back and Body Treatments 337

Chapter 25: Using Restorative Postures to Relieve Stress and Chronic Pain 357

Part V: The Part of Tens 371

Chapter 26: Ten Tips for a Safe Yoga Practice 373

Chapter 27: Ten Ways to Get the Most out of Your Yoga Practice 377

Index 379