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You Can Always Sell More: How to Improve Any Sales Force

You Can Always Sell More: How to Improve Any Sales Force

Jim Pancero

ISBN: 978-0-471-76357-4 April 2006 320 Pages




The sales manager's step-by-step guide to better team performance

As an experienced sales manager, how do you improve your team's performance? Which selling skills, developed to their fullest potential, have the greatest impact on revenues and profitability? You Can Always Sell More will guide you through a proven step-by-step system for evaluating, training, and coaching your sales force. It will help you establish a simple and effective evaluation and improvement planning process for even your most successful salespeople. Proven in a wide array of industries, this will also show you how to improve your ability to coach and lead a team of sales professionals.

Jim Pancero (Eden Prairie, MN) is the founder of one of the country's most advanced sales and sales management training and consulting firms. He has conducted training sessions for over 200,000 experienced corporate sales-team members, association attendees, and graduate-level university students.

Acknowledgments xi

Introduction xiii

Section I Are You and Your Sales Organization Good Enough to Get Better? 1

CHAPTER 1 Why Is It So Hard to Improve a Sales Force—and Why Do We Tend to Lose It Once We Change It? 5

CHAPTER 2 Is Your Senior Management Creating and Supporting a Positive Sales Culture That Allows Your Sales Team to Be Successful? 17

CHAPTER 3 The Six Commitments Necessary to Generate Long-Term Change and Success Within a Sales Force 23

CHAPTER 4 Applying the Concepts of ISO 9000 to Improve the Consistency and Quality of Your Sales Team 41

SECTION II Strengthening Your Central Leadership Values to Increase Your Personal Sales Leadership Skills 49

CHAPTER 5 Are You Prepared, and Have You Earned the Right to Coach and Lead a Sales Team? 53

CHAPTER 6 Mastering Your First Central Leadership Value: Being a Leader instead of Just the Lead Doer 59

CHAPTER 7 Mastering Your Second Central Leadership Value—Being Balanced as a Coach, Disciplinarian, and Number Cruncher 69

CHAPTER 8 Mastering Your Third Central Leadership Value—Having Empathy, Loyalty, and Trust in Your Sales Team 87

CHAPTER 9 Mastering Your Fourth Central Leadership Value—Being a Leadership Visionary 93

CHAPTER 10 Mastering Your Fifth Central Leadership Value—Believing in the Structures of Selling 101

SECTION III How to Improve Your Personal Sales Leadership Skills 107

CHAPTER 11 Using the Sales Leadership Evaluation to Evaluate, Prioritize, and Develop Your Sales Leadership Abilities 111

CHAPTER 12 Evaluating Your Sales Leadership Abilities as an Administrator, Problem Solver, and Disciplinarian 119

CHAPTER 13 Evaluating Your Sales Leadership Ability to Build and Retain a Sales Team 127

CHAPTER 14 Evaluating Your Sales Leadership Abilities 137

CHAPTER 15 Evaluating Your Sales Leadership Ability to Be a Coach and Strategist of Your Selling Process 145

CHAPTER 16 Suggestions to Improve Your Sales Leadership Skills and Effectiveness 167

SECTION IV How to Improve a Salesperson's Selling Skills and Abilities 169

CHAPTER 17 Evaluating a Salesperson's Operational Selling Skills and Abilities 173

CHAPTER 18 Evaluating a Salesperson's Tactical Selling Skills and Abilities 189

CHAPTER 19 Evaluating a Salesperson's Strategic Positioning Selling Skills and Abilities 211

CHAPTER 20 Suggestions to Improve a Salesperson's Selling Skills and Effectiveness 227

SECTION V Developing a Successful Sales Team Improvement Strategy 229

CHAPTER 21 Evaluate Your Sales Force in an Open and Honest Environment 233

CHAPTER 22 Design Your Ongoing Sales Improvement Strategy 243

CHAPTER 23 Implement a Learning Growth Strategy for Each Sales Team Member 253

CHAPTER 24 Track Sales Team Members' Improvements by Utilizing a Comprehensive Sales Performance Tracking System 267

CHAPTER 25 Lead Your Sales Team by Ongoing Coaching of Your Defined Selling Best Practices 271

SECTION VI Are You and Your Sales Team Ready to Get Better? 285

CHAPTER 26 So Now What? 287

Appendix 291

Index 295