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Your Baby's First Year For Dummies

James Gaylord, Michelle Hagen

ISBN: 978-0-764-58420-6 July 2005 384 Pages


Everything parents need to give their babies the best start
Each year, more than 4 million babies are born in the United States-and the first year of a baby's life is a joyous, challenging, and sometimes overwhelming time. Your Baby's First Year For Dummies serves as a complete guide for baby's first twelve months-from what to do when arriving home from the hospital to handling feeding, bathing, and sleeping routines to providing the right stimuli for optimal progress. Packed with tips on every aspect of baby's physical, emotional, and social development, this friendly guide gives parents advice on such important topics as breastfeeding vs. bottle-feeding, teething, baby toy safety, food preparation, food allergies, traveling, and much more.

Introduction 1

Part I: Giving Baby a Healthy, Happy Start 7

Chapter 1: Preparing for Baby 9

Chapter 2: Smoothing the Transition to Parenthood  17

Chapter 3: Hitting the Road with Baby on Board 43

Chapter 4: Returning to Work? 53

Part II: Introducing: Baby! 65

Chapter 5: Settling In with Baby 67

Chapter 6: The First Month: Getting to Know You 79

Chapter 7: The Second Month: Finding Your Rhythm 101

Chapter 8: The Third Month: Rolling Away from Infancy 111

Part III: Moving, Shaking, and Growing 125

Chapter 9: The Fourth Month: Food! 127

Chapter 10: The Fifth Month: Rocking Baby’s World 141

Chapter 11: The Sixth Month: Baby on the Move! 151

Part IV: Discovering the World Beyond Mom 167

Chapter 12: The Seventh Month: Developmental Delights 169

Chapter 13: The Eighth Month: The Cruisin’ Kid 183

Chapter 14: The Ninth Month: Grabbing Your Attention (With Intention) 197

Part V: Keeping Up with Baby 215

Chapter 15: The Tenth Month: Chatting Up Baby 217

Chapter 16: The Eleventh Month: Walking the Walk 233

Chapter 17: The Twelfth Month: Who’s This Toddler? 247

Part VI: Protecting Baby’s Health and Safety 267

Chapter 18: Keeping Baby Healthy 269

Chapter 19: Making It All Better: When Baby Has a Boo-Boo 289

Chapter 20: Preventing Injuries at Home 303

Part VII: The Part of Tens 323

Chapter 21: Ten Tips for Surviving the First Few Weeks 325

Chapter 22: Ten Tips for Daddy Survival 329

Chapter 23: Ten Reasons to Call Your Pediatrician 333

Chapter 24: Ten Reasons Not to Run to Your Pediatrician 337

Index 341