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Zagros, Hindu Kush, Himalaya Geodynamic Evolution

Zagros, Hindu Kush, Himalaya Geodynamic Evolution

H. K. Gupta (Editor), F. M. Delany (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-66977-8 March 2013 American Geophysical Union 323 Pages


Published by the American Geophysical Union as part of the Geodynamics Series, Volume 3.

The International Geodynamics Project focussed attention on processes within the earth responsible for the movement of the lithospheric blocks. At anyone time, strong tectonic activity appears limited to a few mobile belts. Most of the present-day seismic activity is confined to the Circum-Pacific belt, the Alpide belt and the mid-oceanic ridges. These belts include oceanic and continental rift systems, the island arcs and young folded mountains. Continent to continent collision of the Eurasian and the Indian plates is generally believed to be responsible for the origin of the Himalaya, the tectonics of this region and the neighbouring south and central Asia. To focus attention on geodynamic problems in this relatively much less known Alpine-Himalayan region bounded by Iran in the West and Burma in the East, the Inter-Union Commission on Geodynamics formed a separate Working Group 3b under the Chairmanship of Hari Narain. Later, in 1975, this Working Group 3b on "Geodynamics of the Alpine-Himalayan region, East" was given independant status and re-numbered as Working Group 6.

C. L. Drake and A. L. Hales 1

Hari Narain and Harsh K. Gupta 3


Tectono-Plutonic Episodes in Iran
F. Berberian and M. Berberian 5

Active Faulting and Tectonics of Iran
M. Berberian 33

A Brief Report on Geodynamics in Iran
Jovan Stocklin 70

Geological Observations and Geophysical Investigations Carried Out in
Afghanistan Over the Period of 1972-1979
Abdullah Shareq 75

Tectonics of the Central Sector of the Himalaya
K. S. Valdiya 87

The Geodynamic History of the Himalaya
Augusto Gansser 111

Geology and Tectonics of the Himalayan Region of Ladakh, Himachal,
Garwhal-Kumaun and Arunachal Pradesh: A Review
Anshu K. Sinha 122

The Geodynamic Evolution of the Himalaya-Ten Years of Research in Central
Nepal Himalaya and Some Other Regions
P. Bordet, M. Colchen, P. Le Fort, and A. Pacher 149

Status Report of the Work Carried Out by Geological Survey of India in the
Framework of the International Geodynamics Project
V. S. Krishnaswamy 169


Isotopic Age Data for the Eastern Half of the Alpine-Himalayan Belt
A. R. Crawford 189

Basic Igneous Episodes in the Himalaya and Their Tectonic Significance
V. Divakara Rao 205


Seismicity and Continental Subduction in the Himalayan Arc
Leonardo Seeber, John G. Armbruster, and Richard C. Quittmeyer 215

Focal Mechanism Solutions and Their Tectonic Implications for the
Eastern Alpine-Himalayan Region
Urnes H. Chandra 243

Structure and Seismotectonics of the Himalaya-Pamir Hindukush Region and the  Indian Plate Boundary
K. L. Kaila 272

A Review of the Long Period Surface Waves Studies in the Himalaya and Nearby Regions
Harsh K. Gupta and S. C. Bhatia 294

State of Stress in the Northern Part of the Indian Plate
R. N. Singh 307

Greater India's Northern Extent and Its Underthrust of the Tibetan Plateau:
Palaeomagnetic Constraints and Implications
Chris T. Klootwijk 313