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Zero Time Space: How Quantum Tunneling Broke the Light Speed Barrier

Zero Time Space: How Quantum Tunneling Broke the Light Speed Barrier

Günter Nimtz, Astrid Haibel, Ulrich Walter (Foreword by)

ISBN: 978-3-527-40735-4

Mar 2008

166 pages

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This English edition of a successful, proven title provides a sound scientific background, while allowing a popular presentation of the physics behind the strange and mysterious tunneling process.
Based on his groundbreaking experiments, Prof Nimtz places the topic in a broader context by showing connections with other branches of physics. He and the team of authors begin by introducing such fundamental concepts as space and time and continue with tunneling phenomena from optics, nuclear and solid state physics. Avoiding mathematical equations and definitions altogether, they explain step-by-step the prerequisites for the tunnel effect to function, from classical mechanics to quantum mechanics, right up to modern topics, such as wormholes and space travel à la Star Trek.
With a foreword by astronaut Ulrich Walter, science team member of the D-2 Space Shuttle Mission.

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Faster than Light and Zero Time Phenomena
"The team of authors sensitively introduces the reader to the world of quantum physics. Nimtz and Haibel explain to the reader step-by-step the prerequisites for the tunnel effect to function. However, in the end they realize that Einstein's Theory of Relativity applies to all processes faster than the speed of light and that it is impossible to design a time machine that would allow changes to the past. On the whole, anyone interested in natural science will really enjoy this book."
(Bettina Schwoch, Associated Press)

"The authors succeed perfectly in presenting the tunnel effect in a readily understandable way, after first defining the basic terms space, time and speed. This work almost entirely without formulas is comprehensible for readers having only a basic knowledge of atomic physics and may be recommended as a supplement to more comprehensive books on the topics."
(Michael Mücke, ekz-Informationsdienst)

" ... this small book presents the latest results on the tunnel effect in a very understandable way, results that do not destroy the scientist's view of the world, but expand it in a surprising way, urging one to think again. I hope this book ... reaches a wide public, not least because it strikingly demonstrates what pure research is and what it can show us."
(H. Baumgärtel, FU Berlin, Zeitschrift für Physikalische Chemie 2004)

"Although this book may sometimes be lacking in scientific depth due to the large amount of interconnections and examples given, it wins in terms of enthusiasm and the urge to research. It is this enthusiasm for physics that this book knows how to strongly convey."
(Kai Dieckmann, Munich, Physik in unserer Zeit 5/2004)