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From cutting-edge online technology to print-based solutions, Wiley Corporate Solutions works collaboratively to help you reach and engage your audiences via credible content. We provide access to extensive communities including key opinion leaders, connecting you to minds that make a difference.

The collection of special libraries from Wiley Science Solutions are constantly evolving to increase coverage to meet today’s research demands.

Reach, partnership, and impact are at the heart of Wiley Corporate Solutions. We help pharmaceutical and scientific corporations connect with and engage their target audiences.  Our esteemed sales team delivers a range of innovative advertising, publishing, and educational solutions.

With Wiley Corporate Solutions, you can mix and match content campaigns to suit your marketing goals. Choose from tailored combinations of advertising, reprints, supplements, and other traditional strategies, as well as powerful digital solutions including microsites, content feeds, email campaigns, and interactive online learning environments. Solutions are custom-created to fit the needs of your business.

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In modern analytical and bio-analytical laboratories, reliable analysis of drugs, poisons, pollutants, metabolites, and other substances, as well as their rapid and accurate identification, has never been more crucial.

Designed to support laboratory efficiency, Wiley Science Solutions equip practitioners and researchers with tools and information to reliably detect and identify chemical and biological substances. Our comprehensive chemical and life science databases and spectral libraries assure results that you can be confident in.

Available across a wide range of applications and in the most popular instrument formats, we work with leading instrument manufacturers to ensure installation that fits with your existing workflows, so you can focus on what matters to you.

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