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eBay Business All-in-One For Dummies, 3rd Edition

eBay Business All-in-One For Dummies, 3rd Edition

Marsha Collier

ISBN: 978-1-118-40166-8

Aug 2013

840 pages


Everything you need to know to start and run a successful eBay business

eBay now has 100 million active users and just keeps growing. And they have turned to For Dummies books and bestselling eBay author Marsha Collier to help guide them through buying and selling on eBay for over a decade. This nine-books-in-one guide has now been updated to cover all the newest eBay seller tools, new techniques to drive sales, new ways to enhance an eBay business using social media, and more. Marsha Collier covers the basics, essential tools, professional selling tips, where to find merchandise, how to showcase and promote your stuff, storage and shipping, advice for Power Sellers, and legal/office issues.

  • A complete update of the bestselling eBay business guide
  • Covers getting the necessary eBay selling tools, how to do product research and set up payment systems, and tips on setting prices, creating good listings, and organizing sales
  • Helps you find things to sell at prices that will make a profit, create listings that get attention, take great merchandise photos, and promote your items on social media sites
  • Offers advice on providing customer service, safely storing and shipping your merchandise, and handling necessary bookkeeping and tax chores
  • Includes how to analyze data and establish the needed resources to become a Power Seller

eBay Business All-in-One For Dummies, 3rd Edition is the soup-to-nuts guide for running a successful eBay business.

Introduction 1

Book I: eBay Basics 5

Chapter 1: Hooking Up with Online Technology 7

Chapter 2: Navigating through eBay 21

Chapter 3: Signing Up and Getting Started 37

Chapter 4: Knowing eBay Sales 57

Chapter 5: Checking Out the Seller and Leaving Feedback 79

Chapter 6: Bidding to Win 103

Chapter 7: Completing the Transaction 125

Chapter 8: Participating in the Community 141

Book II: Essential Tools 163

Chapter 1: Researching on eBay 165

Chapter 2: Researching Collectible Prices 185

Chapter 3: Five-Star Customer Service Through Eloquent Communications 207

Chapter 4: Letting PayPal Help You Manage the Money 221

Chapter 5: Using eBay’s Management Tools 237

Book III: Selling Like a Pro 261

Chapter 1: Be Sure Your Listings Make Cents 263

Chapter 2: Knowing the Finer Points of Selling 281

Chapter 3: Listing Items for Sale 311

Chapter 4: Listing via eBay’s Turbo Lister 347

Chapter 5: Running Your Business on My eBay 361

Book IV: Sourcing Merchandise 381

Chapter 1: Understanding Online Retailing 383

Chapter 2: Sourcing Merchandise Like the Pros 395

Chapter 3: Selling Other People’s Stuff Online 417

Chapter 4: Sourcing Liquidation and Drop-Shipping 433

Book V: Presenting Your Items 445

Chapter 1: Your eBay Photo Studio 447

Chapter 2: Mastering eBay Photography 463

Chapter 3: Designing Your Website, Listings, and Blogs with HTML 479

Chapter 4: Getting Your Photos Ready for eBay 503

Chapter 5: Getting Your Photos on eBay and the Web 513

Book VI: Extending Your Reach 523

Chapter 1: Developing Your Web Presence 525

Chapter 2: Marketing Tools for Your Web Presence and Social Media 535

Chapter 3: Tapping PayPal Resources to Expand Sales 549

Book VII: Storing and Shipping 557

Chapter 1: Organizing Your Merchandise and Shipping Area 559

Chapter 2: Shipping without Going Postal 581

Chapter 3: Insuring Your Item’s Delivery 607

Book VIII: Power Selling on eBay 621

Chapter 1: Going Pro with eBay’s Selling Manager 623

Chapter 2: Managing Sales with eBay Apps and Third-Party Tools 641

Chapter 3: Attaining PowerSeller and Top Rated Seller Status 657

Chapter 4: Deciding When You Need an eBay Store 667

Book IX: Office and Legal 689

Chapter 1: Getting Legal with the State and the Feds 691

Chapter 2: The Joys of Taxes and Business Reporting 707

Chapter 3: Taking Care of Your Finances 723

Chapter 4: Keeping You and Your Business Secure Online 741

Chapter 5: Networking Your Office 757

Index 767