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eBusiness Essentials: Technology and Network Requirements for Mobile and Online Markets, 2nd Edition



eBusiness Essentials: Technology and Network Requirements for Mobile and Online Markets, 2nd Edition

Mark Norris, Steve West

ISBN: 978-0-470-85249-1 May 2003 352 Pages


eBusiness is growing rapidly and new issues are emerging in thisglobal and real-time activity. This new edition to the hugelysuccessful eBusiness Essentials explores the increasingly importantarea of mobile data access. In addition, it shows how eBusiness isevolving and how technology can be progressively used to build moresophisticated solutions. Balancing its technical depth with a clearand practical analysis of market models it enables the reader todeploy the available and emerging technology effectively andappropriately.
In addition to the established yet equally important features suchas security, payment and trust, supply chain integration andcustomer to supplier trade it includes:
? mBusiness covering key issues such as roving and roaming accessand the technologies GPRS, UMTS and WAP
? Help for readers to formulate their own eBusiness strategy bydrawing out some general principles
? Virtual mobile network operators: data extensions to the mobileswitch, home and visitor location
? Analysis and real world examples of mobile services
? The technical options, impact, integration, mechanics andimplications of evolving eBusiness
Primarily aimed at planners, engineers, managers and developers inthe IT, multimedia and on-line industries. Recommended reading forstudents in computer science electrical & electronicengineering, IT and telecommunications.


About the Authors.


Electronic Trade.

The Electronic Marketplace.

The Electronic Shop.

Payments, Credit and Invoicing.

Trust and Security.


Supply Chain.

Setting Up Shop.

Putting the 'e' into your business.

Underlying Technologies and Standards.


Who is Going to Make Money out of All of this and How?

Appendix 1: Case Studies.

Appendix 2: The Gods of Technology.

Appendix 3: Glossary.


this is required reading from anyone who tries to keep up with all the developments in this fast moving world." (Teleworker, March 2001)

" excellent undergraduate textbook for introductory courses in electronic commerce...the authors deftly juggle in providing technical knowledge to both professional and general audience...I have to applaud their success in maintaining a balance..." (Telematics and Informatics, Vol.19, 2002)