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eCFO: Sustaining Value in the New Corporation

eCFO: Sustaining Value in the New Corporation

Cedric Read, Jacky Ross, John R. Dunleavy, Donniel S. Schulman, James Bramante

ISBN: 978-0-471-49642-7

May 2001

384 pages

Select type: Hardcover

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Important and groundbreaking financial strategy
Recognizing that traditional accounting and financial conventions may no longer provide the CFO with adequate armory to face the challenges of the electronic environment, eCFO takes a bold step forward to examine how modern CFOs must reposition themselves to operate effectively in this new era. Picking up where CFO: Architect of the Corporation's Future left off, this progressive new book provides new models and techniques to help corporations prosper in the twenty-first century. Featuring interviews at the start of each chapter from some of the world's leading CFOs-including Clayton Daly from Procter & Gamble, Tom Meredith from Dell Computers, and John Coombe from Glaxo Wellcome-eCFO draws on their experience to address the key issues they face in the new business environment.
Finance in the e-Business World.

Designing New Business Models for Value Creation.

Optimizing Shareholder Value: From EVA to e-Metrics.

Growing Intangibles: From Valuation to Maximization.

Allo-traction: From Resource Allocation to Resource Attraction.

Blowing Up the Budget.

Delivering a New Systems Vision.

Overhauling Your Cost Base.

Unlocking Value from Acquisitions and Alliances.

Reinventing the Corporate Center.

B2F: The Virtual Finance Function.