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Animal Behavior

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Introduction to Bioethics, 2nd Edition

John A. Bryant, Linda Baggott la Velle


Biogeography: An Ecological and Evolutionary Approach, 9th Edition

C. Barry Cox, Peter D. Moore, Richard J. Ladle


Community Ecology

Population Ecology in Practice

Dennis L. Murray, Brett K. Sandercock

How Wetlands Work

Jenny Davis, Jane Chambers

Conservation Biology

Conservation Criminology

Meredith L. Gore

Wildlife Ecology, Conservation, and Management, 3rd Edition

John M. Fryxell, Anthony R. E. Sinclair, Graeme Caughley

Invasion Ecology, 2nd Edition

Julie L. Lockwood, Martha F. Hoopes, Michael P. Marchetti

Conservation Ecology

Fundamentals of Conservation Biology, 3rd Edition

Malcolm L. Hunter Jr., James P. Gibbs


Biogeography: An Ecological and Evolutionary Approach, 10th Edition

C. Barry Cox, Richard J. Ladle, Peter D. Moore

Practical Field Ecology: A Project Guide, 2nd Edition

C. Philip Wheater, James R. Bell, Penny A. Cook

Molecular Ecology, 3rd Edition

Joanna R. Freeland

Essentials of Ecology, 4th Edition

Michael Begon, Robert W. Howarth, Colin R. Townsend

Applied Landscape Ecology

Francisco Castro Rego, Stephen C. Bunting, Eva Kristina Strand, Paulo Godinho-Ferreira

Ecology of Urban Environments

Kirsten M. Parris

Ecological Methods, 4th Edition

Peter A. Henderson, T. R. E. Southwood

Ecology of North America, 2nd Edition

Brian R. Chapman, Eric G. Bolen



Environment, 10th Edition

David M. Hassenzahl, Mary Catherine Hager, Nancy Y. Gift, Linda R. Berg, Peter H. Raven

Evolutionary Biology

Evidence-Based Evolutionary Medicine

John S. Torday, Neil W. Blackstone, Virender K. Rehan

Integrative Organismal Biology

Lynn B. Martin, Cameron K. Ghalambor, H. Arthur Woods

Forest Ecology

Forest Mensuration, 5th Edition

John A. Kershaw Jr., Mark J. Ducey, Thomas W. Beers, Bertram Husch

Applied Tree Biology

Andrew Hirons, Peter A. Thomas

Fire on Earth: An Introduction

Andrew C. Scott, David M. J. S. Bowman, William J. Bond, Stephen J. Pyne, Martin E. Alexander

Freshwater Biology

Introductory Biostatistics

Basic Applied Bioinformatics

Chandra Sekhar Mukhopadhyay, Ratan Kumar Choudhary, Mir Asif Iquebal

Marine Ecology

Seascape Ecology

Simon J. Pittman

Marine Conservation: Science, Policy, and Management

G. Carleton Ray, Jerry McCormick-Ray, Robert L. Smith Jr.

Plant Anatomy

The Molecular Life of Plants

Russell L. Jones, Helen Ougham, Howard Thomas, Susan Waaland

Functional Biology of Plants

Martin J. Hodson, John A. Bryant

Structure and Function of Plants

Jennifer W. MacAdam

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Plant Biochemistry

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of Plants, 2nd Edition

Bob B. Buchanan, Wilhelm Gruissem, Russell L. Jones

Plant Genes, Genomes and Genetics

Erich Grotewold, Joseph Chappell, Elizabeth A. Kellogg

Plant Physiology

Introduction to Plant Physiology, 4th Edition

William G. Hopkins, Norman P. A. Hüner

Plant Cells and their Organelles

William V. Dashek, Gurbachan S. Miglani

The Molecular Life of Plants

Russell L. Jones, Helen Ougham, Howard Thomas, Susan Waaland

Urban Ecology

Applied Urban Ecology: A Global Framework

Matthias Richter, Ulrike Weiland

Structured Decision Making: A Practical Guide to Environmental Management Choices

Robin Gregory, Lee Failing, Michael Harstone, Graham Long, Tim McDaniels, Dan Ohlson


Zika Virus and Diseases: From Molecular Biology to Epidemiology

Suzane R. da Silva, Fan Cheng, Shou-Jiang Gao

Introduction to Modern Virology, 7th Edition

Nigel J. Dimmock, Andrew J. Easton, Keith N. Leppard

Basic Virology, 3rd Edition

Edward K. Wagner, Martinez J. Hewlett, David C. Bloom, David Camerini

Wildlife Management

Wildland Recreation: Ecology and Management, 3rd Edition

William E. Hammitt, David N. Cole, Christopher A. Monz