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Introduction to Civil Engineering


Brown's Boundary Control and Legal Principles, 7th Edition

Walter G. Robillard, Donald A. Wilson

Surveying, 6th Edition

Jack C. McCormac, Wayne A. Sarasua, William J. Davis

Evidence and Procedures for Boundary Location, 6th Edition

Walter G. Robillard, Donald A. Wilson, Curtis M. Brown, Winfield Eldridge

Fluid Mechanics

Engineering Fluid Mechanics, 12th Edition

Donald F. Elger, Barbara A. LeBret, Clayton T. Crowe, John A. Roberson

A Brief Introduction to Fluid Mechanics, 5th Edition

Donald F. Young, Bruce R. Munson, Theodore H. Okiishi, Wade W. Huebsch

Munson, Young and Okiishi's Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics, 8th Edition

Philip M. Gerhart, Andrew L. Gerhart, John I. Hochstein

Civil Engineering Systems

Materials for Civil Engineers

Finite Element Analysis

Concepts and Applications of Finite Element Analysis, 4th Edition

Robert D. Cook, David S. Malkus, Michael E. Plesha, Robert J. Witt

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Structural Analysis

Reinforced Concrete Design

Advanced Structural Dynamics

Cold-Formed Steel Design, 5th Edition

Wei-Wen Yu, Roger A. LaBoube, Helen Chen

Basic Structural Dynamics

James C. Anderson, Farzad Naeim

Soil Mechanics

Introduction to Environmental Engineering

Water Pollution

Waste Water

Water Chemistry

Hazardous Waste Management

Water Resources Engineering



Hydraulic Control Systems, 2nd Edition

Noah D. Manring, Roger C. Fales

Transportation Engineering

Electrical Railway Transportation Systems

Morris Brenna, Federica Foiadelli, Dario Zaninelli

Pavement Design and Materials

A. T. Papagiannakis, E. A. Masad

Traffic Engineering Handbook, 7th Edition

ITE (Institute of Transportation Engineers), Brian Wolshon, Anurag Pande

Transportation Planning Handbook, 4th Edition

ITE (Institute of Transportation Engineers), Michael D. Meyer

Highway Engineering

Urban Transportation

Transportation System Analysis

Construction Materials

Construction Science and Materials, 2nd Edition

Surinder Singh Virdi, Robert Waters

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Cost Estimating

Construction Management

Construction Planning

General Construction & Technology

Construction Management & Economics

Quantity Surveying

Civil & Structural