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Adult Development

Aging and Mental Health, 3rd Edition

Daniel L. Segal, Sara Honn Qualls, Michael A. Smyer

Adult Development Aging, 7th Edition

Susan Krauss Whitbourne, Stacey B. Whitbourne

Behavioral Economics

Behavior Modification

Community Psychology

Critical Community Psychology

Carolyn Kagan, Mark Burton, Paul Duckett, Rebecca Lawthom, Asiya Siddiquee

Critical Thinking

Cross-Cultural Psychology

Microaggression Theory: Influence and Implications

Gina C. Torino, David P. Rivera, Christina M. Capodilupo, Kevin L. Nadal, Derald Wing Sue


Drugs & Behavior

Drug Use, Misuse and Abuse

Cecile A. Marczinski

Educational Psychology

Critical Educational Psychology

Antony J. Williams, Tom Billington, Dan Goodley, Tim Corcoran

Educational Neuroscience

Denis Mareschal, Brian Butterworth, Andy Tolmie


Understanding Emotions, 4th Edition

Dacher Keltner, Keith Oatley, Jennifer M. Jenkins

An Introduction to Emotional Intelligence

Lorraine Dacre Pool, Pamela Qualter

Environmental Psychology


Ethics and Law for School Psychologists, 7th Edition

Susan Jacob, Dawn M. Decker, Elizabeth Timmerman Lugg

Ethics in Forensic Psychology Practice

Randy K. Otto, Alan M. Goldstein, Kirk Heilbrun

Ethics for Psychotherapists and Counselors: A Proactive Approach

Sharon K. Anderson, Mitchell M. Handelsman

Evolutionary Psychology

Forensic Psychology

Ethics in Forensic Psychology Practice

Randy K. Otto, Alan M. Goldstein, Kirk Heilbrun

Forensic Psychology, 2nd Edition

David A. Crighton, Graham J. Towl

The Handbook of Forensic Psychology, 4th Edition

Irving B. Weiner, Randy K. Otto

Health Psychology

Health Psychology, 2nd Edition

David French, Kavita Vedhara, A. A. Kaptein, John Weinman

History of Psychology

Human Sexuality

Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Intimate Relationships

The Science of Intimate Relationships, 2nd Edition

Garth J. O. Fletcher, Jeffry A. Simpson, Lorne Campbell, Nickola C. Overall

Marriage & Family






Chris Chandler


Psychological Testing

Essentials of Assessment Report Writing, 2nd Edition

W. Joel Schneider, Elizabeth O. Lichtenberger, Nancy Mather, Nadeen L. Kaufman, Alan S. Kaufman

Handbook of Personality Assessment, 2nd Edition

Irving B. Weiner, Roger L. Greene

Psychology of Language

Language Development

Patricia J. Brooks, Vera Kempe

Psychology of Religion

Psychology of Women

Research Methods

School Psychology

Sports & Exercise Psychology

Survey Research Methods & Statistics

Managing Applied Social Research: Tools, Strategies, and Insights

Darlene F. Russ-Eft, Catherine M. Sleezer, Gregory Sampson Gruener, Laura C. Leviton

Real World Research, 4th Edition

Colin Robson, Kieran McCartan