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Environmental Health

Evaluation & Research Methods

Managing Applied Social Research: Tools, Strategies, and Insights

Darlene F. Russ-Eft, Catherine M. Sleezer, Gregory Sampson Gruener, Laura C. Leviton

Qualitative Methods in Public Health: A Field Guide for Applied Research, 2nd Edition

Elizabeth E. Tolley, Priscilla R. Ulin, Natasha Mack, Elizabeth T. Robinson, Stacey M. Succop

Introduction to Community and Public Health

Manoj Sharma, Paul W. Branscum, Ashutosh Atri

Global Health

Introduction to Global Health Promotion

Rick S. Zimmerman, Ralph J. DiClemente, Jon K. Andrus, Everold N. Hosein

Health Behavior & Health Education

Health Care Management & Policy

The Strategic Management of Health Care Organizations, 8th Edition

Peter M. Ginter, W. Jack Duncan, Linda E. Swayne

Planning Health Promotion Programs: An Intervention Mapping Approach, 4th Edition

L. Kay Bartholomew Eldredge, Christine M. Markham, Robert A. C. Ruiter, Maria E. Fernández, Gerjo Kok, Guy S. Parcel

The Putting Patients First Field Guide: Global Lessons in Designing and Implementing Patient-Centered Care

Susan B. Frampton, Patrick A. Charmel, Sara Guastello, Planetree Foundation

Health Services & Policy

Managerial Epidemiology for Health Care Organizations, 3rd Edition

Peter J. Fos, David J. Fine, Miguel A. Zúniga

Integrated Care: Creating Effective Mental and Primary Health Care Teams

Anna Ratzliff, Jürgen Unützer, Wayne Katon, Kari A. Stephens

Public Health Law Research: Theory and Methods

Alexander C. Wagenaar, Scott C. Burris

Quality By Design: A Clinical Microsystems Approach

Eugene C. Nelson, Paul B. Batalden, Marjorie M. Godfrey


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Occupational Therapy

Public Health General

Evaluation Theory, Models, and Applications, 2nd Edition

Daniel L. Stufflebeam, Chris L. S. Coryn

Public Health Practice


Research Methods & Program Evaluation

Vulnerable Populations