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Introduction to Philosophy

Introduction to Logic

Introduction to Ethics

Moral Philosophy

Applied Ethics

The Practice of Ethics

Hugh LaFollette


Bioethics: An Anthology, 3rd Edition

Helga Kuhse, Udo Schüklenk, Peter Singer

Contemporary Debates in Bioethics

Arthur L. Caplan, Robert Arp

The Blackwell Guide to Medical Ethics

Rosamond Rhodes, Leslie P. Francis, Anita Silvers

Business Ethics

Environmental Ethics

Media Ethics & Popular Culture

Black Mirror and Philosophy: Dark Reflections

William Irwin, David Kyle Johnson

Saturday Night Live and Philosophy: Deep Thoughts Through the Decades

William Irwin, Ruth Tallman, Jason Southworth

Batman and Ethics

Mark D. White

Ethics for a Digital Era

Deni Elliott, Edward H. Spence

Westworld and Philosophy: If You Go Looking for the Truth, Get the Whole Thing

William Irwin, James B. South, Kimberly S. Engels

Alien and Philosophy: I Infest, Therefore I Am

William Irwin, Jeffrey A. Ewing, Kevin S. Decker

LEGO and Philosophy: Constructing Reality Brick By Brick

William Irwin, Roy T. Cook, Sondra Bacharach

True Detective and Philosophy: A Deeper Kind of Darkness

William Irwin, Jacob Graham, Tom Sparrow

The Ultimate Star Trek and Philosophy: The Search for Socrates

William Irwin, Kevin S. Decker, Jason T. Eberl

The Philosophy of Film: Introductory Text and Readings

Thomas E. Wartenberg, Angela Curran

History of Philosophy & Ethics

History of Ethics

Daniel Star, Roger Crisp


Margaret Atherton

Ancient Philosophy

Medieval Philosophy

19th Century Philosophy


M. Jamie Ferreira


Robert J. Wicks

The Nietzsche Reader

Keith Ansell Pearson, Duncan Large

20th Century / Contemporary Philosophy

Modern Philosophy

Late Modern Philosophy: Essential Readings with Commentary

Elizabeth S. Radcliffe, Richard McCarty, Fritz Allhoff, Anand Jayprakash Vaidya

Early Modern Philosophy: Essential Readings with Commentary

A. P. Martinich, Fritz Allhoff, Anand Jayprakash Vaidya


Goldman and His Critics

Brian P. McLaughlin, Hilary Kornblith

Metaphysics: The Fundamentals

Robert C. Koons, Timothy Pickavance

Philosophy of Action: An Anthology

Jonathan Dancy, Constantine Sandis

Metaphysics: The Big Questions, 2nd Edition

Peter van Inwagen, Dean W. Zimmerman

Contemporary Debates in Metaphysics

Theodore Sider, John Hawthorne, Dean W. Zimmerman

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A Companion to Rorty

Alan R. Malachowski

Contemporary Epistemology: An Anthology

Ernest Sosa, Jeremy Fantl, Matthew McGrath

Contemporary Debates in Epistemology, 2nd Edition

Matthias Steup, John Turri, Ernest Sosa

Epistemology: An Anthology, 2nd Edition

Ernest Sosa, Jaegwon Kim, Jeremy Fantl, Matthew McGrath


Richard Fumerton

Philosophy of Mind

Philosophy of Language

Political Philosophy


World Philosophy


Continental Philosophy

Philosophy of Religion

Philosophy of Science

Philosophy of Technology

Philosophy of Literature

Philosophy of Education

The Blackwell Guide to the Philosophy of Education

Nigel Blake, Paul Smeyers, Richard D. Smith, Paul Standish

Philosophy of Law

Philosophy of Mathematics

Philosophies of Mathematics

Alexander L. George, Daniel Velleman

Feminist Philosophy

The Blackwell Guide to Feminist Philosophy

Eva Feder Kittay, Linda Martín Alcoff

Feminist Theory: A Philosophical Anthology

Ann Cudd, Robin Andreasen