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Introductory Sociology

Social Theory

Research Methods

Urban Sociology


Environmental Sociology


The Prevention of Crime

Delbert Elliott, Abigail Fagan

Hard Time: A Fresh Look at Understanding and Reforming the Prison, 4th Edition

Robert Johnson, Ann Marie Rocheleau, Alison B. Martin, Francis T. Cullen, Alison Liebling

Deviance and Deviants: A Sociological Approach

William E. Thompson, Jennifer C. Gibbs

Women, Crime, and Justice: Balancing the Scales

Elaine Gunnison, Frances P. Bernat, Lynne Goodstein

Girls, Delinquency, and Juvenile Justice, 4th Edition

Meda Chesney-Lind, Randall G. Shelden

Social Movements / Social Change

Public Administration

The Student's Companion to Social Policy, 5th Edition

Pete Alcock, Tina Haux, Margaret May, Sharon Wright

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American Politics

Social Psychology

Sociology of the Family

Population & Demography