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iOS 6 Foundations



iOS 6 Foundations

Jesse Feiler

ISBN: 978-1-118-57008-1 April 2013 384 Pages

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A practical introduction for using iOS 6 to create universal apps

If you have prior experience programming in an object-oriented language and are eager to start building universal apps for iPad and iPhone (including the iPod touch), then this is the book for you! Using the latest version of iOS (iOS 6) along with the latest version of Xcode (Xcode 4.5), this book is a practical introduction rather than just a catalog of components. Full-color and packed with groundbreaking, innovative designs, this book teaches you how to create eye-catching, unique apps.

  • Teaches you the various aspects of iOS development, beginning with getting started with iOS 6, getting Up to Speed with Xcode, and learning the tools and Objective-C
  • Reviews building the user interface with Xcode and Interface Builder
  • Details how to set up your app in iTunes connect and distribute it through the app store
  • Walks you through adding features like geo-location and twitter sharing
  • Helps you avoid common pitfalls and design decisions related to user experience and iOS programming

iOS 6 Foundations is organized so that each chapter builds on the previous, providing you with a finished app by the end of the book.

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Part 1: Introducing iOS 6

CHAPTER ONE Getting Started with iOS 6 7

CHAPTER TWO Getting Up to Speed with Xcode 25

CHAPTER THREE Looking Ahead—Planning Your App 53

CHAPTER FOUR Designing the Party Planner App 63

Part 2: Storyboards: The Building Blocks of iOS Apps

CHAPTER FIVE Walking Through the iPhone Storyboard 81

CHAPTER SIX Working with Storyboard Inspectors 101

CHAPTER SEVEN Laying Out Your Scenes and Views 119

Part 3: Building the Party Planner App

CHAPTER EIGHT Building on the Data Model 131

CHAPTER NINE Building the Detail Data View 153

CHAPTER TEN Saving and Restoring Data 183

CHAPTER ELEVEN Testing the App with the Debugger 201

Part 4: Using Table and Collection Views

CHAPTER TWELVE Exploring the Table View in the Template 219

CHAPTER THIRTEEN Formatting Table Cells 245

CHAPTER FOURTEEN Editing Table Views 275

Part 5: Interacting with Users

CHAPTER FIFTEEN Telling Users the News: Alerts and NSError 297

CHAPTER SIXTEEN Getting Input from Users: Alerts and Action Sheets 309

CHAPTER SEVENTEEN Back to the Storyboard: Enhancing the Interface 319

Index 349

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