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iPad Portable Genius: Covers iOS 8 and all models of iPad, iPad Air, and iPad mini, 3rd Edition



iPad Portable Genius: Covers iOS 8 and all models of iPad, iPad Air, and iPad mini, 3rd Edition

Paul McFedries

ISBN: 978-1-118-93345-9 November 2014 352 Pages


Learn the Genius tips and tricks that will make your iPad even better - now updated for iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3!

iPad Portable Genius is a practical, easy to read guide to getting the most out of your iPad. Written in a clear, no-nonsense style, this full-color resource describes the tips and tricks you may not discover on your own. You'll find helpful information about the most commonly used features, along with techniques that can help you do better things faster. Genius icons throughout the text highlight smarter ways to get things done, and plenty of screenshots provide visual examples of the techniques described. With coverage of the latest iOS and the newer-generation iPad Air and iPad mini, this book is a handy reference for any iPad user.

Apple's iPad is unrivaled as the industry leader. Each generation of the iPad includes even more features than before, and the app store offers a world of ways to further customize your iPad to suit your needs. iPad Portable Genius gives you the fundamental skills that not only enhance your current iPad use, but also carry over into upgrades, new apps and the underlying techniques that can help you make the most of the iOS. Learn to:

  • Find your way around iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3, and older models of the iPad and iPad mini
  • Connect to a network and sync your apps, photos, music, and more
  • Organize your contacts and track your appointments
  • Get more out of e-mail, audio, video, and Web surfing
  • Configure your iPad, download apps, and troubleshoot when things go wrong

You've got the most coveted tablet on the market—don't you want to see what it can do? If you're only using your iPad for e-mail and the Internet, you haven't even scratched the surface. iPad Portable Genius is your handy guide to full iPad functionality.

Acknowledgments vii

Introduction xviii

chapter 1: How Do I Start Using My iPad or iPad mini? 2

chapter 2: How Do I Connect to a Network? 18

chapter 3: How Do I Configure My iPad or iPad mini? 36

chapter 4: How Do I Keep My iPad or iPad mini in Sync? 60

chapter 5: How Can I Get More Out of Web Surfing? 82

chapter 6: How Do I Make the Most of E-mail? 110

chapter 7: How Do I Manage My E-book Library? 134

chapter 8: How Can I Have Fun with Photos? 156

chapter 9: How Can I Get More Out of Listening to Audio? 184

chapter 10: How Can I Work with Video on My iPad or iPad mini? 210

chapter 11: How Do I Manage Contacts? 230

chapter 12: How Do I Track My Appointments? 248

chapter 13: How Can I Navigate My World with iPad? 268

chapter 14: How Do I Protect or Fix My iPad or iPad mini? 288

Glossary 314

Index 319

Acknowledgments vii