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iPad and iPhone For Musicians For Dummies

iPad and iPhone For Musicians For Dummies

Ryan C. Williams, Mike Levine

ISBN: 978-1-118-99116-9 February 2015 408 Pages


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The easy way to use your iPad or iPhone to make amazing music

If you are a budding or established musician looking to use your iPad or iPhone as a portable musical instrument, recording studio, or composition tool, then you've come to the right place! iPad and iPhone For Musicians For Dummies explains in plain English how to hook up your preferred instrument to your iPad or iPhone to work on music projects within a plethora of recording apps. You'll also learn how to incorporate both real and MIDI instruments and audio, edit individual tracks, work with effects and chain multiple apps together, and mix and master songs.

Thanks to apps such as AmpliTube, AudioBus, and Apple's own GarageBand, musicians can record entire songs in the comfort of their own homes and then mix, master, and distribute them right there on their iPads or iPhones. Packed with tons of step-by-step instructions, this friendly guide shows you how to use your device to go from recording a basic piece of music to creating and uploading complete songs with full instrumentation and multiple tracks, instruments, and effects.

  • Demonstrates how to hook up your guitar or keyboard directly to your iPad or iPhone to record professional-grade tracks
  • Helps musicians get the most out of their iPads or iPhones as portable musical instruments, recording studios, and composition tools
  • Written by an industry expert and former senior writer for IK Multimedia, a leading manufacturer of music apps and hardware accessories for the iOS market
  • Coverage goes beyond GarageBand to include other popular technologies

Don't let the limitations and expense of yesterday's home studios keep you from recording awesome music—let iPad and iPhone For Musicians For Dummies show you how easy it is to record and master your own music right from your living room.

Introduction 1

Part I: Getting Started with iOS Music 5

Chapter 1: Digging into iOS 7

Chapter 2: Choosing Your iOS Device 17

Chapter 3: Downloading Apps from the iTunes Store 25

Part II: Playing Music on Your iOS Device 41

Chapter 4: Exploring iOS Instruments 43

Chapter 5: Playing iOS Instruments 73

Chapter 6: Playing Your Guitar or Bass through Your iOS Device 87

Chapter 7: Connecting Your Mic to Your iOS Device 111

Chapter 8: Performing with Your iOS Device 123

Part III: Setting Up Your iOS Studio 137

Chapter 9: Planning Your Rig 139

Chapter 10: Working with Digital Audio Workstations and Other Recording Apps 153

Chapter 11: Monitoring with Speakers and Headphones 183

Part IV: Your Recording Workflow 195

Chapter 12: Recording Live or Layered? 197

Chapter 13: Getting the Best Recording Quality 211

Chapter 14: Recording in the Field 223

Part V: Using Multiple Apps Together 235

Chapter 15: Working with Multiple Apps Together 237

Chapter 16: Using Inter-App Audio 249

Chapter 17: Using Audiobus 259

Chapter 18: Other Multi-App Possibilities 279

Part VI: Editing, Mixing, and Sharing Your Projects 303

Chapter 19: Editing Your Material 305

Chapter 20: Mixing Your Music 325

Chapter 21: Exporting Your Finished Masterpiece 345

Part VII: The Part of Tens 357

Chapter 22: Ten Music Apps You Can’t Live Without 359

Chapter 23: Ten Great Free Music Apps 363

Chapter 24: Ten Other Musical Uses for Your iOS Device 367

Index 371