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iPad for the Older and Wiser: Get Up and Running Safely and Quickly with the Apple iPad



iPad for the Older and Wiser: Get Up and Running Safely and Quickly with the Apple iPad

Sean McManus

ISBN: 978-1-119-97630-1 August 2011 256 Pages


Easy-to-follow, friendly advice on using the iPad 2

This heavily illustrated, approachable guide for the anyone over 50 provides a solid resource for learning how to use the iPad in everyday situations. Veteran author and technology expert Sean McManus clearly explains how to use the iPad to send e-mails, listen to music, watch movies, and play games. Detailed coverage walks you step by step through setting up and registering your iPad, connecting to the Internet, syncing your iPad to other devices, and much more. The iPad is an ideal companion for making your life easier, and this friendly guide will help you gain a firm understanding of how to get started.

  • Serves as a friendly tutorial for learning how to use the iPad for everyday functions
  • Walks you through connecting to the Internet to browse and shop online, setting up your e-mail to keep in touch with family and friends, and watching movies anywhere at anytime
  • Explains how to sync your iPad to other devices, visit the app store to download apps, play games, organize your photos, and much more

This friendly and understandable book gets you up to speed with this highly usable gadget in no time.

Introduction 1

What is the iPad? 1

What computer and software will you need? 3

How this book is structured 5

Part I – Getting Started with Your iPad 7

Chapter 1 – Choosing and buying your iPad 9

How much storage space do you need? 9

Connecting to the Internet: Wi-Fi or 3G? 11

Buying accessories for your iPad 13

Where to buy your iPad 15

Summary 16

Brain training 17

Chapter 2 – Setting up your iPad 19

Downloading and installing iTunes 20

Connecting your iPad to your computer 22

Synchronising your iPad with your computer 25

Charging your iPad 28

Switching on your iPad 30

Changing the iPad orientation 32

Navigating the Home screen 32

Setting up your Internet connection 33

Securing your iPad 39

Making your iPad easier to use 41

Adjusting other iPad settings 42

Troubleshooting and fi xing your iPad 43

Summary 45

Brain training 46

Chapter 3 – Keeping notes on your iPad 47

Understanding the Notes screen 48

Writing your fi rst note 50

Using Auto-text to speed up your writing 55

Editing your text 56

Adding and deleting notes 60

Emailing notes 61

Searching your notes 62

Summary 67

Brain training 68

Part II – Using Your iPad for Communications 69

Chapter 4 – Managing your address book and birthday list 71

Synchronising contacts from your computer 72

Browsing your contacts 73

Adding contacts to your iPad 75

Adding birthdays and anniversaries 78

Searching your contacts 80

Summary 81

Brain training 82

Chapter 5 – Keeping in touch with friends by email 83

Creating an email account 84

Setting up your email account on your iPad 85

Sending an email 91

Reading your emails 95

Managing email folders 97

Searching your emails 99

Downloading new emails 100

Summary 101

Brain training 102

Chapter 6 – Using FaceTime for video calls 103

Logging in to FaceTime 104

Starting a FaceTime call 105

Talking to a friend with FaceTime 107

Receiving a FaceTime call 109

Summary 110

Brain training 111

Chapter 7 – Browsing the web 113

Entering a website address 114

Zooming the page 117

Scrolling the page 118

Using links on websites 120

Entering information into websites 121

Browsing multiple websites at the same time 122

Managing bookmarks, history and web clips 125

Sharing website content 132

Summary 134

Brain training 135

Chapter 8 – Visiting friends using Maps 137

Finding where you are on the map 138

Getting directions to a friend’s house 140

Using Maps to update your address book 144

Summary 145

Brain training 146

Part III – Sound and Vision 147

Chapter 9 – Adding music and video to your iPad 149

Browsing the iTunes store 150

Buying music and video from iTunes 153

Using the iTunes store on your computer 155

Backing up your content and synchronising with your computer 156

Adding CDs to your iPad using your computer 158

Summary 161

Brain training 162

Chapter 10 – Playing audio and video on your iPad 163

Playing audio content on your iPad 164

Watching videos on your iPad 174

Summary 181

Brain training 182

Part IV – Having Fun with Your iPad 183

Chapter 11 – Taking and browsing photos on your iPad 185

Taking photos with your iPad 186

Copying photos between your computer and your iPad 190

Copying photos from your camera to your iPad 192

Viewing photos on your iPad 195

Watching a slideshow 198

Viewing videos on your iPad 200

Summary 201

Brain training 202

Chapter 12 – Adding and managing apps and books 203

Downloading apps to your iPad 204

Rearranging your apps and web clips 208

Deleting apps and web clips 211

Changing the apps on your iPad using your computer 211

Multitasking with apps on your iPad 213

Reading books on your iPad with iBooks 214

20 more apps to get you started 216

Summary 219

Brain training 220

Glossary 221

Index 225

iOS5 Update
Bonus Chapter: Getting the most from your iPad with iOS5