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iPad for the Older and Wiser: Get Up and Running with Your iPad or iPad mini, 3rd Edition

iPad for the Older and Wiser: Get Up and Running with Your iPad or iPad mini, 3rd Edition

Sean McManus, Rosemary Hattersley

ISBN: 978-1-118-63500-1

Feb 2013

312 pages

Select type: E-Book



Easy-to-follow, up-to-date advice on the new iPad and iPad Mini

The over-50 crowd is keeping up with technology like never before and they're eager to learn what the new iPad has to offer them. If you fall into that category, then this book is for you! Featuring an accessible, full-color interior, this new edition gets you up and running on the latest software release and features of the iPad and iPad Mini, in addition to iOS 6. It also includes general information you won't want to miss no matter which iPad you have, such as how to set up and register your iPad, sync it with other devices, download apps from the App Store, play games or watch films, and much more.

  • Gets you up to speed on the latest and greatest features you can enjoy with your new iPad, such as Facebook integration, updated Siri, shared photo streams, and more
  • Walks you through the steps so you can start using your iPad for things you do every day, such as surfing the web, ordering groceries, organizing photos, and staying in touch with family and friends via email
  • Reviews what you need to know to connect to the Internet, sync with other devices, play games or watch films, and more

Packed with clear, easy-to-follow instructions and advice reinforced with lots of helpful illustrations, this approachable guide shows you how to make the iPad part of your everyday life.

Introduction 1

What is the iPad? 1

How this book is structured 4

PART I – Getting started with your iPad 5

Chapter 1 – Choosing an iPad 7

How much storage space do you need? 8

Which generation of iPad to choose 9

Connecting to the Internet: Wi-Fi or 4G/3G? 10

Chapter 2 – Getting your iPad up and running 15

Setting up your iPad 16

Turning the iPad on and off 17

Confi rming setup over Wi-Fi 20

Creating an Apple ID 22

Enabling useful features 23

Navigating the Home screen 24

Changing the iPad orientation 26

Making your iPad easier to use 26

Adjusting other iPad settings 28

Charging your iPad 29

Chapter 3 – Getting connected 33

Setting up your Internet connection 33

Securing your iPad 39

Using the iTunes software on your computer 41

Introducing iCloud 47

Updating your iPad software 50

Apple iOS6: the latest iPad software 51

Chapter 4 – Keeping notes on your iPad 55

Understanding the Notes screen 56

Writing your fi rst note 58

Dictating notes to your iPad 63

Dictating notes with Siri 64

Using Auto-text to speed up your writing 64

Creating your own shortcuts 66

Editing your text 67

Adding and deleting notes 72

Emailing and printing notes 72

Searching your notes 73

Using the Reminders app 76

PART II – Using your iPad for communications 81

Chapter 5 – Managing your address book and birthday list 83

Browsing your contacts 84

Adding contacts to your iPad 86

Adding birthdays and anniversaries 88

Searching your contacts 90

Chapter 6 – Keeping in touch by email 93

Creating an email account 94

Using an existing email account on your iPad 96

Sending an email 101

Reading your emails 105

Managing email folders 109

Searching your emails 110

Downloading new emails 111

Chapter 7 – Using FaceTime for video calls 115

Logging in to FaceTime 116

Starting a FaceTime call 117

Talking to a friend using FaceTime 119

Receiving a FaceTime call 122

Chapter 8 – Sending instant messages using iMessage 125

Sending messages 126

Splitting the keyboard 129

Managing message alerts through the Notifi cation Centre 129

Chapter 9 – Browsing the web 135

Entering a website address 136

Using the search box 139

Zooming the page 140

Scrolling the page 142

Using links on websites 143

Entering information on websites 144

Launching multiple websites with tabbed browsing 145

Managing bookmarks, history and web clips 148

Sharing website content 153

Using Reader to make it easier to read pages 157

Using Private Browsing mode 157

PART III – Music, Videos and Photos 161

Chapter 10 – Adding music and video 163

Browsing the iTunes Store 164

Buying music and video from iTunes 167

Using the iTunes Store on your computer 169

Removing content and downloading it again 170

Adding CDs to your iPad using your computer 172

Using iTunes Match to copy music to your iPad 174

Chapter 11 – Playing music and audiobooks 179

Playing audio content on your iPad 180

Playing audiobooks, podcasts and lectures 188

Chapter 12 – Playing video 193

Watching videos on your iPad 193

Using the Videos app 194

Watching online fi lms from YouTube 196

Using catch-up TV services 200

Chapter 13 – Taking and browsing photos and videos 203

Using the cameras on your iPad 204

Viewing photos 209

Editing your photos 216

Viewing and editing videos 218

PART IV – Using apps on your iPad 221

Chapter 14 – Adding and managing apps 223

Downloading apps to your iPad 224

Rearranging your apps and web clips 228

Deleting apps and web clips 231

Multitasking with apps on your iPad 232

Using multitasking gestures 233

Checking out some more apps 233

Chapter 15 – Finding your way with Maps 237

Which iPad Maps app have I got? 238

Finding where you are with Google Maps 238

Finding where you are with Apple Maps 242

Getting directions to a friend’s house 243

Using Maps to update your address book 248

Chapter 16 – Reading books and magazines 251

Installing iBooks on your iPad 252

Downloading books using iBooks 252

Reading books using iBooks 254

Other types of ebooks 256

Using the Amazon Kindle app 258

Using Newsstand to buy magazines 259

PART V – Appendices and Index 263

A – Looking after your iPad 265

B – Glossary 277

Index 285