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iPhone All-in-One For Dummies, 4th Edition

iPhone All-in-One For Dummies, 4th Edition

Joe Hutsko, Barbara Boyd

ISBN: 978-1-118-93218-6

Nov 2014

576 pages

Select type: Paperback


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The easy way to have fun with your iPhone - fully updated for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus!

Are you all about your iPhone? You've come to the right place! iPhone All-in-One For Dummies covers all the basics and beyond to give you hands-on, all-encompassing coverage of your new smartphone. Written in plain English and packed with tons of full-color photographs that help bring the information to life, this friendly guide shows you how to activate the iPhone, control the multi-touch and voice-recognition interfaces, tour the iPhone's built-in apps and settings, set up security features, start sending texts, and configure e-mail. Next, it moves on to tackling the iPhone's more advanced features, like capturing and sharing photos, tapping into maps, acquiring and listening to music, creating and sharing notes and memos, making video calls with FaceTime, and much more.

Fully updated to reflect Apple's newest iPhone hardware and iOS software, along with the new iLife and iWork apps, this new edition of iPhone All-in-One For Dummies takes the guesswork out of making the most of your iPhone. If you're using your Apple smartphone at home, at work, or on the go, everything you need to have fun and work smarter with your iPhone is right inside.

  • Covers iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, and older iPhone models
  • Offers five full-color books of content that add up to nearly 600 pages of material—big bang for your buck
  • Provides steps for setting up your iPhone and synching with iCloud
  • Includes complementary online video course material
  • Walks through troubleshooting and fixing common iPhone problems

Whether this is your first iPhone or an upgrade to the latest version, iPhone All-in-One For Dummies helps you unlock all of its incredible capabilities.

Introduction  1

Book I: Getting Started with iPhone  5

Chapter 1: Exploring the Many Faces of iPhone  7

Chapter 2: Activating and Understanding Your iPhone  19

Chapter 3: Controlling the Touch and Voice Recognition Interfaces  47

Chapter 4: Keeping Things Set and Secure  75

Chapter 5: Syncing, Backing Up, and Troubleshooting Your iPhone  105

Book II: Communication Central: Calls, Messages, and the Web  143

Chapter 1: Managing Phone and FaceTime Calls  145

Chapter 2: Sending and Receiving Text and Multimedia Messages  183

Chapter 3: Surfing the Web with Safari  203

Chapter 4: Emailing Every Which Way You Can  233

Book III: Making iPhone Your Personal Assistant  265

Chapter 1: Perfecting Your People Skills with Contacts  267

Chapter 2: Managing Your Time

with Calendar, Reminders, and Clock  289

Chapter 3: Tapping into Maps, Compass, and Weather  323

Chapter 4: Figuring with Calculator, Stocks, and Numbers 341

Chapter 5: Creating Notes, Memos, Flyers, and Presentations  355

Chapter 6: Staying Healthy  379

Book IV: Letting iPhone Entertain You: Photos, Videos, Music, and More  385

Chapter 1: Capturing, Editing, and Sharing Photos  387

Chapter 2: Acquiring and Browsing Music, Videos, Movies, and More  417

Chapter 3: Listening to Music and Audio 439

Chapter 4: Recording, Editing, and Watching Videos  469

Chapter 5: Browsing, Installing, and Managing Apps  491

Index  517

Bonus Chapter 1: Taking Care of Business
Bonus Chapter 2: Improving Online Services
Bonus Chapter 3: Creating Your Great Work
Bonus Chapter 4: Writing and Reading
Bonus Chapter 5: Maximizing Leisure Time
Bonus Chapter 6: Enhancing and Protecting iPhone with Add-ons